A Message from the WiseTake Nation



Rest assure we will make sure our members get what they’ve paid for despite the sports hiatus. We have paused all recurring subscriptions to ensure those who have them don’t get charged again and once we get a return date for NBA, and/or MLB starts we will resume the subscriptions and also make sure to give extra time for the access to make up for the lack of DFS this month. For those with annual or quarterly passes, we will be adding time to your plans to make up for this time as well as soon as we get a better understanding of how long this will actually last.

Once the sports are back we will manually be adjusting everyone’s access so if you feel you have been shorted at that time simply reach out to contact@wisetake.com via email or if you are in the slack you can DM me (CK) there. Again we want to make sure everyone is whole but it is a manual process so if a mistake is made just let us know and we will make it right as long as it is justified.

In the meantime we will attempt to do some more strategy stuff at least occasionally, we have NBA to resume and MLB to start, any content ideas are always accepted. We want to hear from the nation and hear what you all want. We will also be doing the WiseTake Nation podcast occasionally just to be able to hang out you all so stay in touch and stay tuned.

– CK013