About Us

The WiseTake Nation

We are a premium daily fantasy sports community geared towards helping our members become better DFS players. We believe that in order for the industry to prosper more players need an edge to stay competitive. With everyday obligations not all players have the time to put in the hours of research it could take to compete with some of the top players out there.

We provide articles, cheat sheets, tools and premium live streams to help our members in their research process and of course we offer a live chat room for each sport in order for our community to thrive. Between community members and our DFS analysts there is plenty of DFS goodness to go around in the chat, it is truly one of the most valuable pieces of our community and that is due to the members we have keeping it active.

We love this industry and many of us spent a lot time and money learning the game of DFS without any guidance. At the time we had wished their were more resources and platforms for DFS players to exchange strategies and learn from one another to keep the industry growing. We are here to be the best in the Daily Fantasy Sports industry and we won’t settle for any less.

We don’t pretend to be anything we are not, we don’t pretend to be some type of ESPN rejects. We are people just like you and we love Daily Fantasy Sports… just like you. Here at the WiseTake nation we like to make money and we like to have a good time.