Air Density Report w/ @Syracuseeee – 8.16.17


In this article I will break down the top teams and players that are affected the most by VMI and ADI today.  Many of you might ask what is VMI and ADI is so below I have written a brief description of what they mean and how they affect baseball games.

Air Density Report w/ Cuse

Visual Memory Index aka VMI in baseball is used to track how players perform under different air density’s. The easiest way to explain this is that depending on the weather temperature, humidity, or air density the batters swing will be affected.  You might ask yourself how is that possible?  Have you ever tried to swing a bat in the winter compared to a humid summer day?  It’s not the same and VMI tracks each batters muscle memory to various weather conditions.  A batter’s muscle memory takes time to adjust to certain weather conditions.  When taking VMI into effect I avoid teams or players with a number less than -5 which simply can be explained as they haven’t been hitting pitches with the type of movement that they will face on that day.  As far as what’s good for teams or players, I try and target +5 or greater because they will be used to pitches with high movement and their Visual memory will be good.

Air Density Index aka ADI is very simple to explain.  It’s a scale that goes 0-100 and is affected by three things (Elevation, temperature, and Humidity).  The Air Density is important in baseball because it will let you know how much movement the baseball will have in that ballpark on that day.  The higher the ADI the more movement on the pitch.  Typical 60 is the number people use to decide if the pitcher’s movement will be good or bad.  The lower an ADI is from 60 the less movement the pitchers ball will have and the higher it is from 60 will show the increase in the pitcher’s ball movement to the batter’s eye.


Todays Top Pitchers per VMI/ADI

Yu Darvish- Love love love Darvish tonight against this terrible CWS team.  The Whitesox come into tonight with a team VMI of -1.22 and get to play in pitcher friendly LA.   The temps will be around the high 60’s tonight for this game with some humidity so Darvish should click on all cylinders.

Eduardo Rodriguez –The Cardinals have a team VMI of -3.12 and I always love to use Rodriguez at home as he seems much more comfortable.

Marcus Stroman – I’ll make this short and to the point.  The Rays have a team VMI of -1.21, Stroman has pitched well of late, and Tampa Bay strikes out a ton.


Top Teams to use for hitting per ADI/VMI

  • ATL vs COL- its Coors, no explanation needed but both teams VMI’s have come down to under +4.00


  • Cincinnatti Reds – My favorite stack as of right now, the Reds have a team VMI of +1.84 and the ADI in Chicago is 60.76 so the ball should carry well especially if the wind is blowing out. Lackey is on the mound so I love all the CIN left handed bats.


  • Cleveland Indians– A popular play tonight just based off thier team VMI of +2.97 tonight vs Kyle Gibson.