Attacking GPP w/ @PaulieDDDDDDDD – 7.15.17


This article is strictly for tournaments and how I will be looking to navigate large field or High Stakes tournaments. If you are looking for chalky picks, you are in the wrong place.

Attacking GPP with Paulie D


This is an unusually large slate for a Saturday with a bunch of should be chalky spots at Pitcher and for stacks. Unfortunately, I do not see a high probability of the chalk busting especially at pitcher and I also do not see many lower cost pivots that make sense. My recommendation would be to reduce your investment today and find a way to get contrarian while getting a piece of the chalk.

I also think this is a better slate for DraftKings because of the different approaches you can take with lineup construction. On Fanduel, choose Kluber or Madbum and find ways to differentiate from the popular value lineup builds. I usually like to take a stars and scrubs approach to slates like this where you have Kluber and 3 or 4 hitters under 2400 and then two 2-man superstar mini-stacks.


P – Kluber, Bumgarner, Nelson

C –  Suzuki, Vogt, Ramos

1B – Duda, Davis, Belt, Santana

2B – Utley, Asdrubal, Murphy

3B –  Rendon, Bryant, Turner

SS –  Cozart (low owned special) Seguara, Seager

OF –  Dyson, Haniger, Nelson Cruz, Cespedes (Co-Top Players on Slate), Bruce, Conforto, Blackmon, Trumbo, S Smith


Top Stacks –  Seattle, Mets, Orioles, Braves, Dodgers

I really like the Mets and Mariners tonight. I think Pelfrey finally gets rocked into oblivion tonight.


Good Luck