Attacking GPP w/ @PaulieDDDDDDDD – 7.3.17


This article is strictly for tournaments and how I will be looking to navigate large field or High Stakes tournaments. If you are looking for chalky picks, you are in the wrong place.

Attacking GPP with Paulie D

Today we have an amazing 8 game slate. No clear chalk at pitcher although Tanaka will probably be the closest thing resembling chalk. On offense, we feature two monster games in Coors and Texas with (12) and (11) totals respectively. Similar to last Thursday, I like to multi-enter on days like this, taking a firm stand on 1 stack and my favorite one off and then mixing in a piece of everything else I like. I may have up to 5 pitchers today in my lineups. I am hoping to narrow that down but nobody is emerging as a clear favorite for me, hence the multiple lineups. Right now my core offense is Texas.  

P – Cotton, Rodon, Tanaka, Kennedy, Meyer

C – Barnhart, Chirinos, wolters, sanchez

1B – Gallo/Napoli, Moreland/Hanley

2B – Gennett, Odor, Cano

3B – Beltre, Davidson, Sano

SS – Cozart, Amarista, Barreto, Didi

OFJudge (Top Player on the Slate), Gardner, Duvall, Gomez, Grichuk, Piscotty

Top Stacks – Texas, Cinci, Miami, St louis

On FD I’m targeting that $9 Papa Squeeze and aim to make about 20 teams with a fairly tight core and rotate the 5 pitchers above with 4 teams each. Hopefully I can knock that pitchers list down to 4 and have 5 teams per pitcher. Tune in to the Live show at 5:30 for further updates.

Good Luck