Attacking GPP w/ @PaulieDDDDDDDD – 8.2.17


This article is strictly for tournaments and how I will be looking to navigate large field or High Stakes tournaments. If you are looking for chalky picks, you are in the wrong place.

Attacking GPP with Paulie D

Nice 12 game slate today. I think 4x3x1 or 3x3x2 is the structure to use today.

P – Kuechel, JC Ramirez, Weaver, Moore

C –   Suzuki, Hanigan, Grandal

1B – Reynolds, Bellinger, C. Davis

2B – Odor, Cano, Schoop

3B – Arenado, Shaw, Valbuena, Machado

SS –   Story (Top Play on Slate), Dejong, Andrus

OF –  Cespedes, Bruce, Blackmon, Goodwin, Harper, Zimmer, Brantley, A. Jones


Top Stacks –  Mets, Rockies, Orioles, Washington


On FD, I would grab a cheaper pitcher and load up on bats, I expect Kuecel with value to be the chalk there. On DK its fine to grab Kuecel with a cheaper pitcher and still loading up on bats. I really think Colorado goes off vs flexen and Baltimore and Washington look good too.


Good Luck