Attacking GPP w/ @PaulieDDDDDDDD – 8.8.17


This article is strictly for tournaments and how I will be looking to navigate large field or High Stakes tournaments. If you are looking for chalky picks, you are in the wrong place.

Attacking GPP w/ Paulie D

Tonight, we have an amazing slate. Odds are 70 percent of the field will be pitching Sale or Kluber and although Fanduel, again, has underpriced these guys, I think it creates a great opportunity in tournaments. If one of Romano or Kuhl can get to 48 points that would be 8x value which would make Kluber or Sale need a 93.1 to match you in terms of point per dollar. You can load up on a ton of power bats with the 5.5-6K in additional salary and take on the field that way. If either or both of Sale and Kluber just have an average start of say 55 points the tournaments are wide open.

P – Romano, Kuhl, Quintana, Miranda…. Sale (DK only)

C –  Molina, Realmuto, GtG (gary the goat)

1B – Freeman, Aguillar, Valencia, Goldy

2B – Cano, Odor, Albies, Baez

3B – Valbuena, Franco, Asdrubal, Donaldson, T. Frazier

SS –  Escobar, Cozart, Arcia, Seager

OF –  Broxton, N. Cruz (Top Play), J Martinez, Harper, Stanton, Duvall, Cespedes, Conforto, Judge, Cargo, McCutchen, Marte, N. Markakis, Yelich, Fowler


Top Stacks –  Reds, Texas, Mets, Marlins, Nationals

Pitchers to Pick on – Eflin, flexen, Griffin, Mejia, Gravemen, Perdomo

As you already know, on large slates we reduce the stacks to 4x2x2, or 3x2x2x1 or 2x2x2x2. Paying down at pitcher allows us to grab the top 2 or 3 of a team in a great spot. If going with the full four man stack, I would look to grab either the Nationals since Miami’s bullpen pitched the whole game yesterday. If the Nats get to Worley early it could be a long day that ends with Tomar Telis (Position player) pitching the 8th and 9th or a spot like the rangers vs the mets rookie who hasn’t made it past 3 innings and has a terrible bullpen behind it. Or in that same game stacking the Mets against last second starter AJ griffin could play well. Ultimately every player in your lineup should be in a great spot to go yard today.

Good Luck