Attacking GPP w/ @PaulieDDDDDDDD (Early) – 7.20.17


This article is strictly for tournaments and how I will be looking to navigate large field or High Stakes tournaments. If you are looking for chalky picks, you are in the wrong place.

Attacking GPP with Paulie D

There are only four games for the early slate today. I would recommend cutting down the field size of whichever tourney you play. Anything more than 300 people is too much. If need be, increase the buy in amount but keep the field below 300 players, otherwise you have to be absolutely perfect with such small player pools on slates this small. Below are the players I like.

P – Castillo, Taillon

C –  Toronto Catcher (Martin/Montero) either one is fine, Mesoraco

1B – Voit, Votto, Smoak

2B – Harrison, Asdrubal

3B – Lamb, Suarez, Donaldson

SS –  Cozart, Dejong

OF –  Schebler (top play on the slate) Duvall, Hamilton, Fowler, Cutch, Moroff, Pham, Pearce, Chris Young


Top Stacks –  Reds, Toronto, St louis


On four game slates you have to make sure you are different. This does not mean take plays that are bad just because they will be low owned. What that means is consider a 4-2-1-1 Stack or playing one bat against your pitcher or leaving over $800 in salary cap on the table. I prefer to stack on small slates so the way I will differentiate is by playing a Jake Lamb one off on the same team with Castillo pitching. I do not think any of these pitchers will have a great game so I am looking for the most K upside and least potential runs scored against. I think clearly Castillo and Taillon have the most K upside because of talent and opponent so which ever one you take roll out a 4-3-1 or 4-2-1-1 stack with one player against your pitcher and hope for a solo homer and another dinger late in the game vs the bullpen. I like the idea of pairing your pitcher with the stack as well. If your stack goes off you are likely to get a win from your pitcher. These are correlations you have to nail on a small late like this.


Good Luck