Oh FanDuel SMH…FanDuel FanDuel FanDuel SMFH. So their answer to people getting burned by a late scratch 3-5 times a year was to make drop the lowest score every night. Why not just give us late swap? They had time after DK informed us about late swap coming back, but instead they just changed the way were going to build lineups going forward while still getting the occasional burn of a late scratch (I’ll explain later).

Why it Sucks

So the average player might actually say “yes, now I can build my lineup worry free and not get burned if one is scratched”. The average player might like this. But heres the problem…You spend your day researching your favorite plays of the slate. You build your best lineup. You get 40 points from each player (9 players). You got a nice 360 score. Well guess what, your about to lose one of those 40’s. you now have a 320 score. Not bad right ? wrong ! Your well balanced lineup got you a 320. that 5-6k player u had just got changed into a zero. That’s money you could have spent on your other players that actually counted. So what are the odds that a good player is going to do this strategy??? No way in hell.

What’s the Right Approach

So now let’s get to the way WE and the other good players in the industry are going to play FanDuel going forward. FanDuel has just become last years DraftKings (without the late swap) Were now going to look for the best 8 players on any given slate. Were going to jam them in as best we can and we are going to punt the last spot with a min price player. Why ? because if we are going to take a zero anyway it better be from a min price player. So on a slate where the centers suck we will be punting center with a min price player, you still want to at least punt with a player that will play just in case he goes off and outscores one of your duds. On a slate where SF sucks we will punt one of the SF spots. Do u get it now ?

Still Getting Burned

Now heres how we will still get burned by late scratches (somewhat)… We are now going to have a min priced player every slate no matter what. what happens when our Anthony Davis or Lebron James (West coast players) gets late scratched?? Sure it wont sting as bad because we wont end up with a zero in our lineup. But we just paid for a 10k zero. We now are praying for our min price punt to make that up or at least most of it. chances of that happening? VERY LOW. Kiss that GPP lineup goodbye, and pray for min cash. Congratulations you’ve been BURNED.


So in conclusion you still want to at least have a min price guy in your lineup that has a chance to smash. Example are guys like Kyle o’quinn, guys that when they play can go off for 10x. If we have huge value on some slates you will likely need to have 2 min price guys in your lineup. Let’s say a min price backup PG is starting. Were going to lock him in and also lock in our min price punt. We NEVER want to take a zero from a player over min price. So basically this is now a 8 vs 8 game just like DraftKings last year. And also on slates with alot of value this will be a huge Stars a d scrubs game.

Hope this article helps you guys understand the rule change and how we should approach it.