Baylor @ Texas Tech

Total 64/Texas Tech -5
Two very high powered offenses that have been struggling recently. You have to pay attention to this Texas Tech QB situation. There is a possibility that all 3 of their top options miss this game. Not likely but it’s possible. Duffey, Bowman, and Carter could be ruled out and then Nick Gerber becomes the starter at 6,000 on DK. In this type of offense you can play this kid at just 6K. Have to be on Twitter before lock checking this QB situation. If one of Duffey or Bowman play you can go to Antoine Wesley at 8,400 but only if one of those 2 play. He has to have a big game to go off for 4x on that price. On the other side I love Charlie Brewer at only 6,600 against a terrible Tech secondary. Allowing almost 290 yards per game through the air this year this is a good spot for Brewer and Jalen Hurd to go off. Denzel Mims is a nice target to at only 5,300.
TOP TARGETS- Charlie Brewer QB 6,600, Jalen Hurd WR 7,100, Denzel Mims WR 5,300, Antonio Wesley WR 8,400 (only if Duffey or Bowman start at QB) Nick Gerber QB 6,000 (only if all 3 QB’s ahead of him are out)

Purdue @ Indiana

Total 65/Purdue -4
The 2nd of 3 games on this slate with over a 60 total. And both have 5 wins on the year so have to win this to become bowl eligible. This Purdue secondary is not good ranking towards the bottom in the country in yards allowed through the air. So this makes me like Peyton Ramsey here under 7K. But the problem is it’s hard to pair him with anyone cause he has so many weapons to get the ball to. He’s worth playing naked though and especially if you use David Blough the QB for Purdue on the same team. There are some cheap options to pair with Ramsey but if I had to choose one it’s Donavan Hale at only 4,200. David Blough is the better QB play but much more expensive. He’s been very good this year throwing 22 TD’s and a lot of yards. Vegas says this offense is gonna score 5 TD’s and all could come from the hand of Blough. And has an unbelievable freshman receiver to throw the ball too. Rondale Moore is very expensive at 8,700 but has the biggest upside of any WR on this slate.
TOP TARGETS- David Blough QB 8,500, Rondale Moore WR 8,700, Peyton Ramsey QB 6,900, Donavan Hale WR 4,200

Florida @ Florida State

Total 52/Florida -7
Big rivalry and 2 very good defenses. There’s not much to like here. FSU has to win this game to extend the longest streak in the country if making a bowl game and not having a losing season. You can play into that narrative. But they could win and not have big days in DFS. Cam Akers is a decent play cause he can always break a long run and has been playing well the last 3 weeks. But the best play to me is Keyshawn Helton at 4,000. He’s gonna move in as the starter this week. He 3x’d his price last week not starting. The only play on Florida for me is Kadarius Toney at only 3,600. He has 3x on this price 3 weeks in a row on limited touches. This kid is a game changer and will be very heavily owned in DFS and much more expensive in years to come.
TOP TARGETS- Keyshawn Helton WR 4,000, Cam Akers RB 5,800, Kadarius Toney RB 3,600

Michigan @ Ohio State

Total 54.5/Michigan -4.5
This should be the best game of the day to watch but I can’t say the same for DFS. Michigan has one of the best defenses in the country. There’s not 1 play for the Buckeyes that I actually like. The only one I’d even consider is Terry McLaurin at 4,900 but don’t like it much. Just a deep gpp dart. And on Michigan I also like nothing. The best play on that side is Higdon but at his price he’d have to have his best game of the season to be worth it. I’ll pass

Georgia Tech @ Georgia

Total 59/Georgia -17
Easy fade. GT runs non stop and holds onto the ball far too long to have big games against. And Georgia’s defense is too good to allow GT to have a big game.

Syracuse at Boston College

Total 58/Boston College -6.5
If the Orangemen’s QB was healthy I could have some interest in this game but he’s not. And I’m not sure he even plays. And BC runs the ball and runs it a lot. Their RB is far too expensive for me at 9K to roster.

Arizona State @ Arizona

Total 64/Arizona State -2
J.J. Taylor is ridiculously priced at 6,200. The guy is being fed the ball a lot in recent weeks. Arizona State is not good against the run and he’s gonna touch the ball over 20 times. Yes, please. And on the other side Eno Benjamin is also be fed the ball a lot. But his price is 8,500 and he’s very much worthy of it. At this point he’s almost a lock for 30 DK points.
TOP TARGETS- J.J. Taylor RB 6,200, Eno Benjamin RB 8,500

Maryland @ Penn State

Total 52/Penn State -14
Anthony McFarland went ham again last week except he scored TD’s last week. So this week he won’t be low owned again. But he’s had b2b 200 yard performances and is being leaned on heavy right now. Big price jump this week and the ownership will follow. But no way he does what he did last week. The best play in this game is the RB on the other side. Miles Sanders is too cheap tomorrow and could rush for over 200 yards. If they’d just feed the man the rock. He’s the only thing I want from Penn Stare unless Javan Dotson is starting again for injured Juwan Johnson. He’s only 3,000 and a great value if he plays again. If Johnson plays then Dotson isn’t in play. Have to check this before kickoff. But Jesahaun Jones Maryland has scored a TD in 3 of the last 4 games and is only 4,200. I’ll take my chances he makes it 4 of 5 here.
TOP TARGETS- Miles Sanders RB 7,400, Jeshaun Jones WR 4,200, Anthony McFarland RB 7,200, Jahan Dotson WR 3,000(only in play if Juwan Johnson is out)

Auburn @ Alabama

Total 53.5/Alabama-24.5
Like usual I never play anybody against that Alabama D. And Alabama are always such massive favorites it hard to play any of them. Tagavailoa is fucking 9,900. So he needs 30 for cash value and 40 for gpp value. If you want gpp upside he has to go for 50 tomorrow. Can he? Sure he can this kid is a fucking star. I don’t think he’s a terrible play cause Auburn is good and this is a rivalry game so they can stay close enough for him to go ham. And I do think most of Alabama offense comes through the air cause Auburn’s front is terrific. But with Auburn winning this game last year I think Alabama comes in very motivated and doesn’t allow it to stay very close. Alabama has a legitimate NFL team on the field. But there’s 2 cheap receiving options that have nice floors just don’t think they have big upside. But for a cheap price they have nice floors here in Smith Jr and Ruggs III.
TOP TARGETS- Irv Smith Jr WR 5,000, Henry Ruggs WR 5,200

Minnesota @ Wisconsin

Total 53/Wisconsin -10.5
One play and one play only. And holy shit are you gonna have to pay for it. But Jonathan Taylor at a whopping 10,600 is a great gpp play. I think he has a fairly good shot at 50+ DK points tomorrow. The price makes me want to play him. He’s so much more expensive than any other play on the slate it should lower his ownership. But much easier to make a team without him on it.
TOP TARGETS- Jonathan Taylor RB 10,600

Pittsburgh @ Miami

Total 47/Miami -4
Nothing here except a gpp shot on Miami RB Cam’Ron Davis. He’s got into the backfield rotation these last 3 weeks and has been very impressive the last 2. At Georgia Tech he rushed 6 times for 48 yards and a TD. And even more impressive last week at Virginia Tech rushing 7 times for 77 yards and a TD. Maybe he gets a few more carries this week. At only 4,600 he’s worth a shot in gpps.



1. Charlie Brewer
2. David Blough
3. Peyton Ramsey
4. Tua Tagovailoa
5. Texas Tech starter

1. Jonathan Taylor(hard to fit in but I want him on my gpp team)
2. Miles Sanders
3. J.J. Taylor
4. Eno Benjamin
5. Anthony McFarland
6. Cam’Ron Davis
7. Cam Akers
8. Kadarius Toney

1. Jalen Hurd
2. Rondale Moore
3. Keyshawn Helton
4. Jeshaun Jones
5. Jahan Dotson(only if Johnson is out)
6. Irv Smith Jr
7. Henry Ruggs III
8. Denzel Mims
9. Donavan Hale
10. Devaughn Cooper