CFB Friday week 8

Wise Take Nation Friday has a 2-game slate with Boise state taking on Colorado state, Brett Rypien looks to air it out against KJ Carter-Samuels and crew. The second game is between UNLV and Air Force, Air Force will look to stop Lexington Thomas and UNLV will look to stop Air Forces ground attack. With a two-game slate everyone is in play Air Forces crowded backfield and run option QB does not help us out. Good Luck and if you are new to the WiseTake Nation welcome and I look forward to seeing you in the VIP slack chat.

Listed below is the players ranked from top to bottom based on matchup and pricing

Top QB/S-Flex

  1. Brett Rypien Boise State QB/S-Flex
  2. Isiah Sanders Air Force QB/S-Flex
  3. KJ Carter-Samuels Colorado State QB/S-Flex
  4. Max Gilliam UNLV QB/S-Flex


Top RB/S-Flex

  1. Alexander Mattison Boise State RB/S-Flex
  2. Izzy Mathews Colorado State RB/S-Flex
  3. Lexington Thomas UNLV RB/S-Flex
  4. Cole Fagan Air Force RB/S-Flex *coin toss between him and Remsburg
  5. Kadin Remsburg Air Force RB/S-Flex


Top WR/S-Flex

  1. Preston Williams Colorado State WR/S-Flex
  2. AJ Richardson Boise State WR/S-Flex
  3. Warren Jackson Colorado State WR/S-Flex
  4. John Hightower Boise State WR/S-Flex
  5. Marcus Bennett Air Force WR/S-Flex
  6. Sean Modster Boise State WR/S-Flex
  7. Darren Woods Jr. UNLV WR/S-Flex
  8. Ronald Cleveland Air Force WR/S-Flex
  9. Tyleek Collins UNLV WR/S-Flex
  10. Cameron Butler Colorado State WR/S-Flex
  11. CT Thomas Boise State WR/S-Flex
  12. Olabisi Johnson Colorado State WR/S-Flex