CFB Thursday week 9

WiseTake Nation Thursday has a 5-game slate with some high-powered offenses that will want to put up some numbers. I would suggest to getting pieces of the Toledo/Western Michigan Game with a crazy over under at 68!!! There is plenty of value on this slate that has solid scoring potential, players like Leddie Brown who is coming back from injury but has shown to be a very good option at running back position at wide receiver we have players like Cody Thompson and Riley Miller are great value plays with solid scoring potential. Good Luck and if you are new to the WiseTake Nation welcome and I look forward to seeing you in the VIP slack chat.


Listed below is the players ranked from top to bottom based on matchup and pricing

Top QB/S-Flex

  1. Riley Neal Ball State QB/S-Flex
  2. Jon Wassink Western Michigan
  3. Will Grier West Virginia QB/S-Flex
  4. TaQuon Marshall Georgia Tech QB/S-Flex
  5. Nathan Rourke Ohio QB/S-Flex
  6. Ryan Willis Virginia Tech QB/S-Flex
  7. Mitchell Guadagni Toledo QB/S-Flex ** Guadagni should start, since he was benched last week his potential replacement Eli Peters sucked with his chance. Im guessing Guadagni will start but keep an eye on it before lock.


Top RB/S-Flex

  1. Levante Bellamy Western Michigan RB/S-Flex **
  2. Kennedy Mccoy West Virginia RB/S-Flex
  3. Darrynton Evans Appalachian State RB/S-Flex **
  4. James Gilbert Ball State RB/S-Flex
  5. Shakif Seymour Toledo RB/S-Flex
  6. AJ Ouellette Ohio RB/S-Flex
  7. Jamouri Bogan Western Michigan RB/S-Flex **
  8. Leddie Brown West Virginia RB/S-Flex **
  9. Jerry Howard Georgia Tech RB/S-Flex
  10. Steven Peoples Virginia Tech RB/S-Flex
  11. Maleek Irons Ohio RB/S-Flex


Top WR/S-Flex

  1. Jalen Hurd Baylor WR/S-Flex **
  2. Jaylen Reed Western Michigan WR/S-Flex **
  3. Justin Hall Ball State WR/S-Flex
  4. D’Wayne Eskridge Western Michigan WR/S-Flex **
  5. Gary Jennings West Virginia WR/S-Flex
  6. Justin Hall Ball State WR/S-Flex
  7. Cody Thompson Toledo WR/S-Flex **
  8. Riley Miller Ball State WR/S-Flex **
  9. Denzel Mims Baylor WR/S-Flex
  10. Jon’Vea Johnson Toledo WR/S-Flex
  11. Damon Hazelton Virginia Tech WR/S-Flex
  12. David Sills V West Virginia WR/S-Flex
  13. Papi White Ohio WR/S-Flex