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Use the units to determine both a confidence meter and a rubric on how much to wager. It is a good idea to keep units a metric to help you manage your bankroll and understand how much you’re up or down. You determine what the value of each unit is but it is important to try you’re best to stay consistent with the value of the unit. Going up or down based off of your available bankroll is fine but stay as disciplined as you can, bankroll management is just as important if not more the actual handicapping of games.

Keep in mind that there is juice to pay to the books so if a line is -110 that would mean you would need to risk 1.1 units to win 1.

For example: If one unit = $100, you would need to risk $110 to win $100 on a -110 bet.

My Notes: 2-0 yesterday lets roll. 

2019 MLB Record YTD: 10-1 (+17.9 Units)

MLB Best Bets

Oakland Athletics -105, *2.1 Units to win 2*

Boston has struggled to start the season both with pitching and hitting. They now find themselves in a day game on get-a-way day across the country. E-Rod did not look very good in his first start of 2019 and the A’s have some lefty mashers.

Texas Rangers +125, *2 Units to win 2.5*

The Angels offense has not looked good and while the Rangers haven’t looked great either the Angels just seem over-valued tonight. Matt Harvey vs Edinson Volquez isn’t going to sell out stadiums these days but to trust Harvey as a big favorite with a bunch of powerful lefties on the Rangers seems like a bad move.