What’s up WiseTake Nation!! In GPPs we want maximum upside and if we can lower ownership. For upside we will be attacking with stacks. I prefer at least one max stack (five players on DraftKings, four on FanDuel) in all my lineups in order to take advantage of the correlation.

Slate Notes:

Weather to Monitor:



Luis Castillo

Castillo is the top arm on the slate and it’s not close but he has a tough match-up and he’s home in a small park. The Cubbies are missing Rizzo which is pretty big for Castillo who has been lights out this year. Castillo is going to be the most popular pitcher on the slate. If you play him heavily, you may want a Cubs hedge stack.

Trevor Williams

Williams has an 11% swinging strike rate and only a 17% strikeout rate. He isn’t a huge strikeout guy but he has a great park, a strikeout heavy team and winds blowing in from left. Williams is the pitcher I’ll have the most of because how well he fits both as an SP1 or SP2.

Eric Lauer

Pirates have been bad against lefties, Lauer isn’t very good but he also has the benefit of the weather and large park. The Pirates are playing some young guys tonight which could roll into Lauer’s favor. If you need a cheap pitcher he probably makes the most sense.


I am a stack believer in MLB GPPs. On DraftKings you can stack up to five hitters and on FanDuel you can stack up to four. Whether it be 5/3, 5/2/1 or 5/1/1/1 I will almost always have at least one stack in every team I have.

Top Stack(s)

My top stacks on the slate.

Seattle Mariners

Pineda relies heavily on his slider especially to righties and the Mariners have some powerful slider mashers. Pineda has been giving up hard contact to both sides of the plate but he has been worse overall to lefties. The Mariners called up Mallex Smith so the lineup may shuffle a bit but they are my favorite five man on the day. SEA – Hangier, Encarnacion, Santana, Smith, Narvaez.

Minnesota Twins

The Twins have been swinging a good stick and Swanson has a 2.39 HR/9. Not a great park but a solid match-up, Swanson has a ground-ball rate of 34.6% and against righties he has a 34.8% hard contact rate. Don’t ignore the lefties as the Twins have some good ones but the righties appear to be a great spot tonight too. MIN – Rosario, Sano, Cron, Schoop, Kepler.

Value Stack(s)

My top value stack(s) on the slate.

Cincinnati Reds

The Reds are very cheap and they have hit Quintana before. This is a small park and Quintana has been giving up a lot of hard contact. The Reds will go low-owned but correlate well with Castillo, use them if you need the salary relief. CIN – Votto, Suarez, Senzel/Puig, Casali, Iglesias.

Leverage Stack(s)

Top leverage stack(s) on the slate.

Chicago Cubs

The Cubs are the ultimate leverage stack tonight. We have a high upside offense in a small park against the most popular pitcher on the slate. Without Rizzo this lineup isn’t as potent and I will be using Castillo tonight but I will have a team without Castillo that I fully stack the Cubs on to take advantage of the low ownership. CHC – Schwarber, Descalso, Bryant,  Baez, Contreras.

GPP One-Offs

These are the hitters I like for one-offs or as a part of their team’s stack. Players with *** are in my core.

Josh Bell (PIT)

Bell has been red hot but his ownership will be extremely low due to the popularity of Lauer on DraftKings. Pirates are better against righties but Bell is hot and has double-dong upside.

Vlad Guerrero Jr. (TOR)

Vlad is going to be pretty popular but for good reason. He appears to be heating up and Covey has looked awful lately.

Matt Carpenter (STL)

Carpenter is leading off again in a park favorable to left handed hitters. Teheran is giving up a lot of fly-balls and hard contact and I don’t expect his reverse splits to stick.

My GPP Core:

Players I’ll have the most exposure too.

Trevor Williams

Mitch Haniger

Jonathan Schoop

Favorite Stack

Minnesota Twins