LoL FanDuel Cheatsheet

LoL DFS involves a lot of stacking similarly to NHL and MLB. Finding teams that win their games (or series) is pretty important as it will be tough to win GPPs with too many players who’s teams lost their games. You may be able to survive one-offs but a bad stack will be tough to overcome. My preferred stack(s) are 4/3 and 4/2/1 meaning four players from my main stack and either three players from my secondary stack, or two with a one off. There are other stacks you can use such as 3-3-1s however I prefer max correlation with 4s. It is not an optimal strategy to take players from opposing teams in the same lineup so pick a side for team when considering what games to attack.

When considering your captain keep in mind that some positions score higher than lower due to the game setup. The ADC and MID positions typically are the highest scoring as their roles involved a lot of attacking. This doesn’t mean that other positions cannot be your captain, but if you can fit in ADCs or MIDs more often it should help. The SUP and TEAM positions are rarely captains in winning GPP lineups, try to avoid that.

The cheatsheets have the players ranked based off of their positions, prices and projections. The players are ranked in point per dollar order based off their respective position tiers. When building your teams start with your favorite play and stack around him. From there you can use the cheatsheet to fill in the rest of your lineup based on what you may need.

NOTE: If using a mobile device, click the PDF button for full view.

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