Evan Silva’s Fantasy Previews of every NFL Team


The King of everything RotoWorld, Evan Silva, is breaking down previews of every NFL team.  Evan is the master of these breakdowns and while other fantasy sites and teams will take a stab at looking at off-season changes, you should really take a look at the best when it comes to something like this.  We all love playing NFL daily fantasy but a good deal of us also play season long fantasy and these breakdowns will help as we move from NFL pre-season camps into NFL pre-season games.

Pre-season NFL is actually a great way to build your bankroll for the NFL season and some daily fantasy players are really good at it.  It can seem like a crazy game to some, trying to find players who might make your value only playing a quarter or a half of a football game.  It is a bit different as all players cost exactly the same with no real salary cap.  We plan on digging more into it as the season starts to get closer.