(FREE) NBA Schedule Notes – 2/27/20


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The NBA season can be grueling; using the schedule notes to your advantage can you give you a huge edge in NBA DFS. Understanding a teams schedule as well as notable injuries can give you a better idea of which teams are tired, rested or have to prepare for tomorrow. Please note that this is a morning first look, implied totals as well as injury designations may change throughout the day.


7:00 pm

New York Knicks @ Philadelphia 76ers (212.5)

 New York (102.5) – Back end of a B2B, 3/4

Philadelphia (110) – Back end of a B2B, 3/4, 4/6


8:00 pm

Portland Trailblazers @ Indiana Pacers (218.5)

Portland (104.5) – 1 day rest, 3/5

Indiana (114) – 1 day rest, 3/5


Sacramento Kings @ Oklahoma City Thunder (224)

Sacramento (108.5) – 1 day rest, front end of a B2B

Oklahoma City (115.5) – 1 day rest, 3/5, front end of a B2B


10:30 pm

Los Angeles Lakers @ Golden State Warriors (225.5)

Los Angeles (119.25) – 1 day rest, 3/5

Golden State (106.25) – 1 day rest, 3/5


Notable Injuries

GSW – Draymond Green P

IND – Victor Oladipo Q, Edmond Sumner Q

LAL – Anthony Davis P, Lebron James O

NYK –Frank Ntilikina Q

OKC – Andre Roberson O

PHI – Norvel Pelle Q, Ben Simmons O, Joel Embiid O

POR – Damian Lillard O