(FREE) Paulie D’s XFL DFS GPP Exposures – Week 1


Whattup nation. We have some fantasy football in the spring to look forward to this year as DraftKings has provided some solid contests for the old-new football league. Each week I will go game by game highlighting match-ups and players as we attempt to dominate XFL DFS. There are only four games a week and they mostly take place across Saturday and Sunday. This is a new market, there will be edge and the key is information as there isn’t a ton of it just yet.


Week 1 is really more of a feeling out week for me. I am throwing 20 lineups in the $1 – 20 max, and those same teams in the .25 and .50 cent donkeys. The Sports Books have not even released Over/Under’s for this week because of the lack of history and sample size. I plan to try and watch all four games and draw my own opinions on what I see. For Week 1 I want to try and get contrarian and over correlate my builds using stacks and multiple plays from the same game. My notable exposures are as follows…


QB – 

  1. Matt McGloin (33%)
  2. Phillip Nelson (20%)


RB – 

  1. Deveon Smith (33%)
  2. Tim Cook (33%)
  3. Christine Michael (20%)


WR – 

  1. De’Mornay Pierson-El (50%)
  2. MeKale McKay (33%)
  3. Reece Horn (25%)


D – 

  1. NY Guadians (33%)
  2. DC Defenders (25%)