GPP Pitching Prospectus by @CK_013 – 6/28/17


In this article I will write up the pitchers I am considering for GPPs. I typically only play one line-up and enter it into the amount of contests I want to play for the night, needless to say my player pool is very narrow. 

To be clear I typically don’t make my final choice until moments before the games start. This is because I am always checking the WiseTake Pitching model to see what opposing line-up numbers look like. I do however have a short list of pitchers that I am interested in for the day and will be sharing that with you.  

GPP Pitching Prospectus by @CK_013

Ivan Nova ($8,100 FD, $6,400 DK) – I usually like to play lefties against the Rays but even against righties they still strike out. The Model doesn’t love Nova right now and thats due to his measly 16.5% K percentage at home (over the last two years), however as powerful as the Ray’s bats are they still strikeout at very high rate.

The Rays already play in a pitchers park but they do play indoors. Perhaps the outdoors in combination with a slight downgrade in park could help Nova navigate through this game. Nova is a veteran so as long as his pitch count doesn’t get too high they should let him go.


Alex Meyer ($7,900 FD, $5,900 DK ) – The Dodgers are not a team I enjoy playing right handed pitchers against but Alex Meyer has earned a 25.29% K percentage at home this season. The Dodgers do have a couple threats such as Bellinger, Seager and others but its a big park.

There seems to be some reverse line-movement against the popular Dodgers who weren’t all that impressive against Jesse Chavez last night. Meyer can really give you some flexibility when picking your hitters and the total is trending down despite a public mirage of over bets.

The Dodgers don’t strikeout a ton, so we want to see what line-up they put against Meyers. Use the model to see what the opposing line-up K% is when the line-up is released. Of course its a late game so we may not get it before the first games start, luckily there is late-swap.

Luis Castillo ($6,500 FD, $5,400 DK ) – This guy was one of the prospects that was traded for Dan Straily. He had a decent debut against the Nationals in Washington striking out five and only allowing two earned runs through five innings. He also walked five batters which is uncharacteristic of him according to his minor league data.

We don’t have much on the kid and Ryan Braun is back which doesn’t help his cause, but the total is trending down here and this kid can really let you get creative with expensive bats. This kid throws hard, 98 MPH on average and he has two off-speed pitches that are drastically slower. If he gets the walks under-control pitching at home he could get a quality start in.