GPP Pitching Prospectus by @CK_013 – 7.7.17


In this article I will write up the pitchers I am considering for GPPs. I typically only play one line-up and enter it into the amount of contests I want to play for the night, needless to say my player pool is very narrow.

To be clear I typically don’t make my final choice until moments before the games start. This is because I am always checking the WiseTake Pitching model to see what opposing line-up numbers look like. I do however have a short list of pitchers that I am interested in for the day and will be sharing that with you.

GPP Pitching Prospectus by CK013

Slate Notes: Scherzer is on the slate so we have a top dog. I am on the fence about his ownership due to the many pitching options available, if you can get him under-owned thats always the way to go. If I am going with someone else, it has to be someone who will allow me to play guys that Scherzer line-ups can’t afford. Here are a few alternatives I am considering.

James Paxton: Paxton hasn’t shown any flashes of dominance since his injury. Before his injury he did play the Athletics in Oakland and to put it nicely it didn’t go well. Still he brings that K-upside we are looking for and is significantly cheaper than Scherzer which could relieve some stress when selecting your bats. Paxton has a 12.4 swinging strike rate this year and the As are still the As.

Kenta Maeda: I don’t typically play Maeda due to the Dodger tendencies of limiting their pitchers’ pitch count randomly, and he hasn’t been the most consistent lately but his price is decent on FanDuel when you consider his upside. We have seen him throw up 49s twice this year and while that isn’t a good enough ceiling to match a Scherzer, his price could make up the difference if you get the bats right.

Jordan Montgomery: Not a fan of targeting against Ryan Braun in Yankee Stadium but the Brewers are one of the highest strikeout teams in the league. They are loaded with righties but also loaded with Ks. Montgomery has a 12.9% swinging strike rate this season and has pitched better at home despite the favorable hitting dimensions. The Brewers have been hot so this play carries extreme risk but this kid has good stuff and at his price he’s worth a strong look.