GPP Pitching Prospectus (Main) by @CK_013 – 7.4.17


In this article I will write up the pitchers I am considering for GPPs. I typically only play one line-up and enter it into the amount of contests I want to play for the night, needless to say my player pool is very narrow. 

To be clear I typically don’t make my final choice until moments before the games start. This is because I am always checking the WiseTake Pitching model to see what opposing line-up numbers look like. I do however have a short list of pitchers that I am interested in for the day and will be sharing that with you.  

GPP Pitching Prospectus (Main) by CK013

Slate Notes: You have a tough decision to make in GPPs tonight, paying up for elite pitching or stacking Coors.

Clayton Kershaw– No explanation needed he is the best pitcher in the league. The D-Backs have had some small success against him but that was in Phoenix. Kershaw is home and D-Backs strikeout in bunches.

Corey Kluber– Kluber’s numbers this year are insane. He is slightly cheaper than Kershaw but has a juicy match-up as well. His numbers aren’t too far off and its tough to fade these two at the top.

Yu Darvish- The Red Sox are known as a team that doesn’t strikeout a ton but lately they have shown that they can. Darvish has pitched well this season and with a terrible bullpen behind him, the Rangers should rely on him to stay in the game and he’s cheaper than two mentioned above so that should help with bats.