GPP Pitching Prospectus w/ @CK_013 – 8.1.17


In this article I will write up the pitchers I am considering for GPPs. I typically only play one to three line-ups and enter them into the amount of contests I want to play for the night, needless to say my player pool is typically pretty narrow.

To be clear I typically don’t make my final choices until moments before the games start. This is because I am always checking the WiseTake Pitching model to see what opposing line-up numbers look like. I do however have a short list of pitchers that I am interested in for the day and will be sharing that with you.

GPP Pitching Prospectus w/ CK013

Slate Notes: The pitching options are plentiful today and it happens to be a Coors slate. There are enough options that I don’t think we need to worry about ownership all that much and we should be able to just play the guys we want to play. 

Max Scherzer – Big upside and Miami has cooled down since returning home from their red hot Texas trip.

Chris Archer – We are all familiar with Archer’s road splits but we could really Archer with virtually no ownership here.

Jimmy Nelson – Nelson has been just awesome this season especially at home. The Cardinals are having a huge down season especially offensively but to many they still don’t appeal as a targetable team for pitchers. The Cardinals have a 24.4% K-Rate over the last seven days and are right-handed heavy. Nelson’s price is fair on both sites and has complete game potential.

Jhoulys Chacin – It’s no secret that Chacin pitches better at home, and Minnesota has a 24.6 % K-Rate over the last seven days. Chacin is very cheap so if your looking to load up on bats you can keep him in consideration for sure.