I personally started watching Nascar about 6-7 years ago when I couldn’t find anything else to watch on a Sunday. When DraftKings introduced Nascar DFS a few years ago I played it only occasionally. I really didn’t take it serious, never did any proper research on the sport.

Eventually I decided to dig in and really understand the game. I realize now how simple it is and I look forward to the races every Sunday. Its amazing how fun this game can truly be when you actually understand the scoring.

I enjoy it so much that I wanted to take some time to explain some simple Nascar DFS strategies for those who haven’t taken an in-depth look, or don’t know where to start.

An Introduction to Nascar DFS


DraftKings Scoring

Place Differential – (+/- 1 points) This is something very easy to understand.  You will receive points for the difference in your drivers starting position and how he finishes the race.  For instance, if your driver starts 20th and finishes 10th you get +10 points.  If that same driver was to finish 30th you would get -10 points.  This is why in most races the public usually isn’t on the pole sitter (starts the race in the first row in the inside lane) because if they crash you can easily get anywhere from -30 points or more.

Fastest Lap – (+0.5 points) Very simple if your driver has the fastest lap he gets +0.5 points.

Laps Lead – (+0.25 points) Also self-explainable, if your driver leads a lap you get +0.25 points

Finishing Position – (46 – 4 points) The winner of the race receives 46 points and it continues down to the last driver that usually receives 4 points.


Know the Track – There’s 4 ways to score in Nascar DFS as listed above but the most important thing to learn or understand is track tendencies.  Each track every week plays out differently, for instance restrictor plate races usually take positional difference more into effect where as some tracks leading laps are much more important.  Understanding the track will allow you to maximize your points every week.

Track history – Every week if you look at track history you will usually find 4-5 drivers that consistently do good at a certain track, it’s not a coincidence.  Research the track history with our Nascar Stat Sheet in the Nascar section.  You should also want to look at recent track history because some of the drivers that have been around for so long might not be racing well at that track of late.

Track Type – This one is very important to me and until I started really digging into research I never considered it.  There are many types of tracks (Road Course, Short Tack, Intermediate Track, Restrictor Plate tracks, and etc.) and as with track history certain drivers excel on certain types of tracks as well.  These stats can also be found on our Nascar Stat Sheet.

Season and Recent Form – This is very basic info that I use in my research to see what drivers are having a good year and which drivers are hot.

Practice and Qualifying – This is one of the most important factors when I’m doing my research for the week.  Practice and Qualifying are usually done a day or two before the race.  Drivers that do well during practice and qualifying usually do well during the race and will give you an idea of which driver will be ready for the race that week.

I really hope this helps some of you that haven’t played Nascar DFS.  If you have any questions please feel free to hit me up in the Nascar chat or on Twitter @SyraCuseeee