Premium Chat


You never know who may be hanging out in the WiseTake Premium Chats. We have different chat rooms for multiple sports so that you can discuss your plays with peers.

Talk with other members of the community and even the WiseTake staff themselves. Discussing plays and strategies are great way to improve your skill.

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Premium Data


From models to advanced statistics, we have the data you need to succeed while saving time along the research process.

Our projections and models are 100% data driven, our goal is to make this process more convenient for you.

Use these our data in combination with our articles and live streams to crush the competition.

Your Sport. Your Package. #HootyHoo.

Live Streams


We offer premium live streams for our members in which our experts breakdown the main slates. Streams for the MLB are Monday-Friday at 5:30PM EST after everyone has done their research.

Members also get access to the live chat simutaneously to ask questions to both the on-air experts, and the off-air experts just hanging out in the chat.

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