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Upload CK013’s own projections into your favorite optimizer to get some WiseTake flavor in your teams. Don’t play mass-multi-entry? Use the projections as a visual to see who projects best for their given salaries. We offer projections for MLB, NBA and NFL.


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While we encourage our members to build as many teams as possible each slate, we do emphasis having a core of players to build around. The core should be the players you have the highest exposure to. Each slate we provide our core plays from either CK013 or former FanDuel live finalist Paulie D. Use the core to save time on your research, use it to compare to your own, or just use it to see who the nation is on and why.


Our cheatsheets are automated based off of our projections and they are updated as soon as the projections are. Our cheatsheets put the best plays ranked at each position, in tiers to help you quickly find the best projected plays in each price range. If you’re short on time and need to create a player pool, the cheatsheets are here for you.


Our slack chat is loaded with several channels. We have our standard discussion channels where our members can breakdown the slates and exchange ideas with other members and analysts, but we also have feed channels to make sure you get notified anytime there is a lineup or injury status released.

I started WiseTake in July of 2017 years after developing a passion for the game of daily fantasy sports. My goal was to create a daily fantasy sports community where people could really work on improving their craft. There is no doubt that daily fantasy sports can have variant outcomes and chance can account some of those outcomes each night. The true skill of daily fantasy sports will be determined on your success over a longer period of team, say a year and then year after year.
When I first started playing this game there weren’t a ton resources out there to teach the skill aspect. It took me a lot of heavy digging to find the information I needed and I wanted to change that. I felt if we could teach people to play easier and quicker, those are who truly grasp the game could be more successful faster and thus continue to play this game, growing the DFS ecosystem. I quickly realized that most of the top players had massive bank rolls to work with, many coming from the poker world where they had already built bankrolls. This is not to say those players did not have skill but as the expression goes, sometimes it takes money to make money.
At the time I felt as though I couldn’t relate to the top players due to my lack of bankroll and I was determined to compete as best as I could while refusing to believe I had to have a six figure bankroll to be competitive in this game and reach my goals. Many of you may not have massive bank rolls but you should not be discouraged from going after your DFS goals. Here, we strive to teach you the game at any level and different styles in order for you to find what works best for you.
I also realized after starting this community that people’s schedules vary drastically and many of you don’t have the time to put in on a daily basis, and we are here to help with that as well. Whether you have all day, 2 hours or 30 minutes to research and build teams we aim to have content that can help you build competitive teams. Those who can find the time can enjoy our occasional strategy sessions, monitor the projections as news comes in and connect with others via our slack chat. Those who don’t have the time can pull up a cheatsheet or read an article and quickly get the top plays and player pools on the slate knowing the content is heavily managed and maintained throughout the day up to lock.

– CK013


Hey thanks.Yea as usual I’m on the slack and listen to the shows. Read all the articles and cheatsheets that get posted.

– Stereogimmick

WiseTake really helped turn my DFS career around. The staff and slack chat are dedicated to teaching and helping to understand winning concepts. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to improve their craft or learn DFS from the ground up.

– bsuperpak

Having been a memeber of many other sites through the years, I can honestly say that it was WiseTake that took my dfs game to the next level. Their dedication to teaching the research process and game theory is what really sets them apart. I cant recommend them highly enough.

– GTucker7848

That this is a DFS community dedicated to teaching the right way to play DFS and articles are fire!

– Moose_56

I love playing DFS and found WiseTake on YouTube. I watched other free videos but always found myself coming back to WiseTake. I couldn’t quite figure out what it was that made them a must watch. I gave a subscription a chance and figured it out. When they call the WiseTake nation a nation and community, they are not kidding. Everyone helps everyone do well and succeed at DFS. I’ve had my subscription since and haven’t thought twice about it. Thanks Nation for helping me succeed in all DFS sports!

– Scanny79

Want to thank the WiseTake nation for all there informative info and breakdowns on each slate!! Need to thank CK, Paulie D and the entire WiseTake nation for it all and my winnings show it!! And if your not part of the WiseTake nation you need to get on board now!!

– Lderosa

Been with WiseTake for almost 3 years now. I don’t have lots of time so I rely on the material to make my line ups.

– Time_To_Grind

This was my first big win of several in 2018. Thanks to the boys at wisetake and the great community that exists here. They have helped me tremendously over the past 2 years.

– MG

Appreciate that shout out on the stream yesterday my man. Been a member for about a year and a half now and y’all have helped me become a way better DFS player. Cash games have been super profitable, I have multiple takedowns in football, and hoops now. Haven’t made a deposit in over a year and it feels great withdrawing money on the regular and becoming a nice lil part time income on top of my full time job.

– JCo3411

Thank you wisetake for showing me a little more on dfs! I’ve played for about 4 years now and decided to up my skills. Been to a few other providers and I actually learned a lot more with theses guys right here! Great community and great staff!

– chalumpas_n_chicken