MLB: Cuse’s Core Four w/ @SyraCuseeee – 9.6.17


Welcome to Cuse’s Core Four, in this article I’m going to go over a core of players that are optimal for today’s slate.  The Core Four can be used in Cash or GPP so I will specify which format I prefer for each player.

Cuse’s Core Four w/ Cuse

Dillon Peters –You might ask yourself if I’m still drunk from Saturday night but let me tell you this, Peters based off his minor league stats and his first game last week I think this kid has tremendous upside.  The Nationals aren’t hitting and I think this guy gets at least 6 K’s and give you some great value on both sites tonight.


Andrew Benintendi – Biagini gives up HR’s to lefties and throws a lot of curveballs.  Guess who loves to hit the curveball, lock him in


Giancarlo Stanton – The last time this guy didn’t hit a HR of a LHP I was in diapers, lock him in tonight


Joey Gallo – Teheran pitching in nice warm Atlanta sounds amazing for Gallo tonight