MLB: F the Chalk w/ @cashindfs – 9.11.17


Dealing with no power from the hurricane so no WiFi. Not as much research as usual but some of my biggest nights have come with no research at all. Let’s get it!! First or last!!!!

F the Chalk w/ Josh


My #1 today. Hoping some stay away with him pitching at home but has been better at home this year. It’s col and they are one of the worst teams in MLB on the road. Some of them have good BVP vs him another thing I hope keeps some away


Should be the highest owned p on the slate by a lot. Det sucks and he has been very good vs them this year. Better p on the road so hoping he just doesn’t have it today at home. If playing cash plug him in. But I’ll be fading today.


This would be my sp2 today. Has had dominate performances against this jays lineup including his last start against them. 8 inn 2 hits 1 BB 8 K’s 58 FD points. I was all in on FD that night, let’s just say it was a good night. Dont get me wrong he sucks!! But the jays just can’t hit his slider. If smoak or Morales sit even better spot for him


Has good stuff but just don’t know if he’s ready yet. Tuff guy to click on with the royals having to win nightly cause they want to get in the playoffs. Their last chance cause this team won’t be the same next year



My #1 stack today. Hoping it comes in lower owned then it should eat alive brault. And another team that has to win games. You can leave off Shaw lefty on lefty which is exactly what I hope most do that stack this team. I’ll have Shaw in my stack 100% he’s heating back up. In no way at all am I scared of brault


These boys are fucking scorching!!!! Make a stack everyday until they cool off. They are the chalk yes but chalk I’m gonna get fat on today cause I’m eating it all. Santana is my #1 play today

Mariners and Rangers

Love them both. They should both be popular as well. My lineup will be mil cle stacks but both of these options are great. Miranda has been giving up power and a lot of it. All of them are in play but think I’d like the cheaper bats more. I’m this slate you can get in pretty much whatever you want. Like napoli and deshields for cheaper options. Cruz might be the best play on the slate. Hamels sucks atleast I feel he sucks. Like tex I’m not afraid to use any bat here. Both of these pens are bad so if your stack goes off early it should keep going


It’s between JD and Cruz as the best play on the slate. JD has absolutely crushed lefties this year. At this point in the year his ISO is still almost 600 against them. Yeah I’d say that’s decent. Freeland is a ground ball guy but don’t give a shit. He sucks. Every dback is in play. Lamb would be my least favorite cause he can’t hit a lefty to save his life but they could get to this pen early

Balls Call

If you got balls call today has to be the tigers. Clearest way to 1st tonight is stacking some of them up (preferably the ones that hit a dong lol) while they suck they still do have a few dangerous bats and carrasco can get hit hard and can also suck at home. Very risky tonight but I’ll do it on my 3rd team


C pina chirinos Sanchez zunino

1B Santana bell napoli Valencia aguilar

2B Ramirez kinsler drury schoop

3B Shaw longo Diaz Arenado

SS arcia lindor andrus segura seager (too cheap)

OF JD Cruz braun Bruce judge Gomez deshields Pollack Santana Perez haniger moss Gordon pit OF chisenhall