MLB: F the Chalk w/ @cashindfs – 9.12.17


This article is for GPP players only. You want safe, this ain’t for you. F(ade) the Chalk!!! Let’s get it!! First or last!!!! #HootyHoo

F the Chalk w/ CashinDFS

For me he’s been the best p in MLB this year. He’s just a stud. Should be the chalk today. Tigers have hit him well this year but that was the A team this is now the C team. Maybe they can do it again. Highest priced p for the highest upside.

Has figured it out recently and pitching well. Gets a righty heavy cards team on the road in a park upgrade. Great sp2 option at this price. I’d roll with on FD too.

Another cheap option that dominated this Phillies team his 1st start. This will be his 1st start outside of Miami so we’ll see how he responds in Philly in a big park downgrade. I would think he’d be more popular then Stephenson  but another sp2 option on DK.

Has been very good against this Rockies team his last 3 with 2 of them in Coors. Always a danger of getting rocked with him but I’m willing to take my chances that be can dominate them again.

Gray and Gray
I’m always interested in Jon Gray everytime he touches the mound. I love his stuff. His 1st game off the DL he K’d 10 of these rays and could do the same tonight. Sonny Gray has been decent since the trade but sometimes gets his pitch count way up and only goes 5. The rays give any good pitcher K upside and maybe he can control his shit and go at least 7 for us.

Struggled vs the rocks his last start and hasn’t K’d many giants in his meetings this year. I’ll pass but I pass on Kershaw almost everyday he goes.

The Brewers looked lost last night and Cole has been good against them this year. But after how they fucked me last night I’ll make a brewers stack somewhere but would prefer Cole here.

I’ve been using him every 5th day for a couple months now so probably have 1 again



Going to stack them everyday until the cool off. Just crazy got right now and I love riding the heat wave

These are my boys. I love stacking them cause they have so many double dong upside guys in their lineup. They are hot as shit right now but on the east coast. So right there that will raise their ownership by itself. I love getting them at 3% and under almost on a daily basis playing in Oakland. That won’t happen today but I’ll ride my boys. Krush is my favorite player in baseball. Just look at all of their numbers recently it’s pretty remarkable the power they are bringing to the plate

Against pivetta they should be chalk but love them today. If Stanton faces him 3 times he could literally hit 3 dongs. I don’t play him much so I’ll probably be on the fade train but love them today

Wood sucks!!! These Minn righties should have very nice days against him. I wouldn’t be scared of using the lefties either should see plenty of the pen. Love Escobar against him

Red Sox
I’m not the biggest fan of stacking them but they are stackable today. Manaea has been lost recently until his last start. Hanley is 3-4 with 2 dongs. Get him in


Balls call

I have to go with the brewers today after how they looked last night. Cole has pretty much shut them down this year but I love this matchup for Shaw.



C chirinos realmuto Suzuki gomes D’Arnaud
1B Hanley bour Olsen Healy Travis
2B Murphy dozier Ramirez Gordon
3B seager Chapman Escobar Shaw Diaz
SS Turner lindor bogaerts Mercer Rojas
OF Stanton KRUSH Buxton ozuna haniger pinder Grossman Hoskins Cruz Michael Taylor  (very hot right now) schebler deshields guyer young