MLB: F the Chalk w/ @CashinDFS – 9.18.17


This article is for GPP players only. You want safe, this ain’t for you. F(ade) the Chalk!!! Let’s get it!! First or last!!!! #HootyHoo

F the Chalk w/ @CashinDFS

I hate this dude this year. Has it 5x value maybe 3 times all year. I think I’ve only pitched him 3 times this year and have been disappointed everytime except the start against the brewers. Last time I pitched him I would have won the monster if I just pitched degrom in SF. I won’t use him but by far the best option on the slate. But fuck him I hate him this year

Had been very good recently before his last start which I had him ranked #1 here that night against the A’s. I came off late and didn’t have him on my main team but on my 2nd. He has been very good vs righties and the O’s have almost all righties. I like him again but risky cause he’s just not that good

This kid has some good stuff. I liked him coming into the year from what I saw last year but just hasn’t put it together. But he’s just too cheap going against this tigers team with his stuff. The tigers should have a lot of righties like always. I do like casty though

Would be at the top of the list today but the Padres have some good BVP against him and have been good against him more then they’ve been bad against him. He has been getting K’s against them but has also been giving up runs. I think he should defintely get the win cause I expect the dbacks to get to perdomo

Big ground ball pitcher and his price is cheap on DK. Just hasn’t been very good. Was a heavy favorite this morning when I wrote this.


Love this park for them. Love that pivetta is on the mound. Should be the most popular team on the board tonight but I hope it’s Miami. Every single bat in the lineup will be in play. Bad vs both hands. Utley is kinda hot right now and played with the Phillies a long time.  Grandy hits a homer tonight. If ethier makes the lineup he’s a great punt

Lamb goldy JD are locks in this stack with Peralta Pollack or Herrmann. He’s always a good punt against a righty. I expect them to hit on the road today. I will try to get as many dbacks and Dodgers as I can in my lineup tonight

Just too much power and always lower owned then they should be. All of them are crushing baseballs right now. Buck farmer should be on a fucking farm somewhere cause he shouldn’t be on a mound. He’s garbage and the pen isn’t good either. He’s given up over a 400 wOBA to lefties in his career lol yeah go milk some cows dude

Santana never scares me. Yanks are home and hot. With much worse pitching going tonight I don’t expect them to be crazy popular but do have the highest run expectancy right now which is very odd too me. Didi is on extreme fire but I don’t think he’ll be able to dong 4 days in a row. Just playing the odds here

If they throw out that heavy lefty lineup like they did Friday I like them. Taillon struggles with lefties. Don’t know if I’d want to leave out Perez though looking at that BVP 5-11 with 3 dongs. It is a big park downgrade for them

If you balls today you’ll stack up these Padres. They either are gonna suck tonight or beat him up again. Pirela is my dude and is 4 for 5 against Corbin

C  Sanchez Maxwell grandal gimenez Herrmann Vogt
1B goldy bellinger bour Olsen Myers
2B dozier Utley lowrie Forsythe walker
3B Turner lamb Chapman Shaw Cabrera
SS seager didi solarte Rosario Mercer
OF JD Joyce Betts(he loves hitting in this park and can always go off here) judge Stanton puig yelich ozuna grandy Buxton Perez Peralta Pollack JBJ Hoskins Taylor LAD Phillips Suzuki