MLB: F the Chalk w/ @CashinDFS – 9.19.17


This article is for GPP players only. You want safe, this ain’t for you. F(ade) the Chalk!!! Let’s get it!! First or last!!!! #HootyHoo

F the Chalk w/ CashinDFS

Love this guy. I pitched him about every start this year. He’s a stud. I’d much rather pick on the Padres with righties then lefties. Not sure if he has huge upside at these prices though. Hasn’t completely dominated these Padres this year

Has been good against the O’s this year. Always like playing lefties against them. Would much prefer it be at home.

Much better pitcher at home and has K upside with these Dodgers. They will K. But always scary targeting them here in this small park with all these lefties.

His price on DK is ridiculous. This guy could be the highest scoring pitcher tonight no problem and he’s that cheap. I would think he’d be popular there if not I’d go all in. I’m not scared of the cubs. They can go out and suck and K a lot.

Just pitched against these pirates at home on short rest and was good. Hasn’t gone deeper then 6 innings in a longtime which I hate for my pitchers but I expect him to be much better today on normal rest in PNC park against a team that has nothing to play for.

Don’t think many go to him tonight after his struggles with the braves this year but now it’s not a secret anymore. There’s no question he is the best pitcher on tonight’s slate. So if you want the best pitcher going with low ownership you can pay up here but has been struggling his last 3 including his last start against this same team.


Wood is the worst pitcher on the slate for me. JD is the best play on the slate for me. 1-8 in play. Wouldn’t expect him to get out of the 3rd.

Lets do it again. I stacked them up against this dumpster fire last start in tex and had a decent night. This time they’re back on the west coast which means they won’t be owned much. My favorite stacks are west coast teams. On FD these MME guys just can’t go heavy on them cause they can’t import new teams once the lineup comes out late. My favorite thing in MLB DFS is stacking west coast teams.

Cincy won’t let this kid go deep so they will see a lot of pen in this tiny park. I’ll take that any time in cincy.

Same with Flaherty. Hasn’t pitched over 5 yet. They just got to him his last start. Give me all these lefties. Schebler everyday vs a righty

Probably popular again today but 15 games. And like the dbacks everyone of them is in play. Any batter 1-9 I can use. Can Olsen make it 8 of 10 days and 5 of 5 days in a row with a dong? Can’t wait to find out

Could be the best stack of the day and don’t think many will be on them. I just saw the lineup and I like every single bat in it. Already had almost all of them listed in positions


C  iannetta zunino Sanchez Barnhart gattis
1B votto goldy Hoskins Healy Valencia gurriel
2B scooter altuve dozier walker odor
3B Donaldson seager bregman Chapman
SS correa dejong cozart segura rosales
OF JD Cruz Springer Pollack Betts reddick schebler Braun winker mazara haniger choo pinder beltran Slater Saunders