MLB: F the Chalk w/ @CashinDFS – 9.20.17


This article is for GPP players only. You want safe, this ain’t for you. F(ade) the Chalk!!! Let’s get it!! First or last!!!! #HootyHoo

F the Chalk w/ CashinDFS

First I would like to apologize for yesterday. Didn’t even look at the weather before posting. Would have never recommended the mariners as a stack at home in 50 degree weather. I fucked up and forgot to check before posting. Things are getting crazy when the Mariners and D-Backs can make those sorry ass pitchers look like aces.

Never fun when you hit the nuts going with Anderson vs pit at 7.5 getting you 52 and have your stack against the worst pitcher get 0 combined from Rosales, Goldy and JD. Thank God for Pollock or I wouldn’t even been able to min cash. But yeah shit gets wild this time of year.

I have come down on my volume a lot for the last month. Was doing between $400-1000 a night but over the last month I’ve only been doing $50-100 a night. Y’all all should be limiting your volume this late in the year. And should always play single entry. I don’t unless I do no research but they are always the best option unless you’re nuts like me. But still money to be made so let’s get it.

Very close between these top 2 options. I liked pomeranz against this team yesterday so of course I’m gonna like sale a better lefty. I’ve been doing it all year just attacking this team with lefties. The problem is they probably won’t let him go very deep. Even if dominating probably won’t be allowed to go passed 7 maybe only 6 innings. And should be more popular then Ray
Machado out helps him would rather Beckham be in cause would K 3 times.

If basing your decision on Vegas you go sale but I don’t base my decisions on Vegas. This Vegas line is ridiculous to me. I bet on it immediately when seeing this line. Unlike sale he’s been dominating every team in front of him since coming back from getting hit by a line drive to the head( I was all in Ray that night lol) just K’d 12 of these Padres in AZ now gets them on the road where he pitches better in a pitchers park. Should be dominant and will be my pitcher tonight.

No question he has the K stuff you want but going 5 innings doesn’t work for me. I always pass on him.

Been on him since day 1 against the mets. Dominates righties and can struggle with lefties but has been getting better against them. Wood dominating them and lamet is 10x the pitcher wood is. Still very much tilted about last night. They beat him up in AZ but this is no where near the same team on the road. Last night is all I need to say.

Has a very good slider and throws it a lot to righties. If you have a slider I like you against the jays. If you have a good slider I love you against the jays. Nobody will go here today.

Dude is 4k on DK. Anybody at that price is in play and this guy isn’t bad and pit sucks. Has had good numbers in the minors. Just pair him up with Ray or sale on DK and still get all the bats you want.

He’s been awesome no doubt about that but like Godley yesterday I think he’s priced out right now in this matchup in this park. Was just good against this same team last start but this time it’s in Cincy and they just saw him. A lot of good lefties in this lineup against righties. No way I go here but just listing the best options.


I’m going right back here today. Did well for me yesterday get rookie freaking Davis today and this pen after they light him up. Was pissed yesterday that carp wasn’t in but will be today. Fowler is hot and Molina crushes in this park. Dejong finally went yard yesterday. Maybe he can get back to the dejong I knew and loved and do it 2 nights in a row.

They all have BVP against gio. Anytime I can attack gio I do cause I just don’t like him. All priced up on FD but will lower their ownership. Suzuki albies and Kemp all smash lefties. Swanson has been good since coming back up. Like I said they all have BVP even the lefties. No Incierte or Kemp, sucks but really like 1235.

James shields sucks and they will be the chalk today. I’ll be fading and praying. If I’m playing any Astros today it will be the cheap value options beltran or Fisher. But do love reddick

Nolasco gives up so many homers so is always one of my favorite pitchers to stack against. Gives it up more to righties so that does suck cause all these switch hitters will be hitting from the left side. E5

Haven’t been very good recently but Anderson is bad and worse to lefties then righties so that immediately gets me on to moose who’s been bad but I don’t give a shit at this price on FD. Way too cheap. Merrifield Cain hosmer Perez melky moss but probably won’t be in. But I like a lot of these bats

I could stack up these righties. Think last game was a fluke.

Ant Dodgers righty. Seager is too cheap on FD


C  Suzuki, Gattis, Molina, Perez, KC Ramos
1B E5, Carp, Zimmerman, Smoak, Bellinger, Aguilar
2B Altuve, Merrifield, Albies, Baez Kipnis, Hernandez
3B Turner, Rendon, Bregman, Bryant, Moose
SS Gonzalez, Correa, Dejong, Camargo, Turner
OF Reddick, Springer, Fowler, Pham, Hoskins (FD moved him back pussies), Betts, Grichuk, Braun, Santana, Trout, Upton Calhoun, Taylor, Puig, Piscotty, Fisher, Beltran, Renfroe