MLB: F the Chalk w/ @cashindfs – 9.21.17


This article is for GPP players only. You want safe, this ain’t for you. F(ade) the Chalk!!! Let’s get it!! First or last!!!! #HootyHoo

F the Chalk w/ CashinDFS

This pitching slate sucks!!!! When I don’t like not 1 pitcher I usually try to go down. A good day to just take off and watch the football game

Both these teams need to win this game. So if he’s rolling Madden’s dumbass should let him roll. If he is on with the brewers built in K upside I think he has the highest upside on the slate. And I just threw up in my mouth typing that cause I don’t like this guy.

Has been good his last 2 starts. Massive park upgrade for him. The Padres can suck against anybody but like you saw last night they can also mash lefties. I played renfroe last night on a Ray team. If that doesn’t say enough about him I don’t know what will. He’s so fucking good against lefties. And while I thought Ray would dominate them, I also thought renfroe could hit 2 solo shots against him.

We saw the royals explode last night and my stack of them helped me actually make a tiny amount of money. I like to attack teams after a monster game cause it’s usually not gonna happen again. And happ is a much better pitcher then that piece of trash yesterday.

If he’s on He could also be the top pitcher but struggles with lefties and I just can’t pull the trigger on him in this park with these lefties.

The Rockies suck on the road a lot. If he gets a good umpire he’s in play. Like I said this pitching slate sucks. Arenado is a great play. Story as well.

Hit or miss guy for sure. Has K upside sometimes but also has giving up 3 homers downside. This one is very scary.


Zimmerman is terrible and coming back off the DL. Nothing really to say here you can look at the numbers lol. He’s very bad and this pen is bad too. This is my top stack tonight by a mile!! Dozier Polanco Rosario Buxton Kepler.

Let everyone down that played them yesterday. Do they go back? Not sure but Fulmer is garbage and this lineup can destroy him. Who the hell knows how they’ve been playing.

Blue Jays
Been attacking Vargas a lot. Has been one of the worst pitchers in baseball lately. So yeah I definitely like a bad lefty against this team. Joey bats has crushed him but he sucks and I have rostered him maybe once all year.

White Sox
Yes Keuchel is the 2nd best pitcher on this slate to me behind Paxton but since coming back he can get got. And I’m trying to win. Are people gonna stack against him tonight. No they are not. Really like abrue and Garcia who have very good numbers against him and Davidson. Love those 3. Abreu and Garcia will be on my team tonight.

Could mash again tonight but I’ll take what I got the last 2 nights and move on.

C  zunino McCann det Molina Castro
1B Zimmerman carp abreu Rizzo lomo
2B dozier altuve Wong kinsler
3B Donaldson Arenado rendon Davidson
SS story Turner polanco Russell
OF renfroe Cruz Rosario Kepler Springer schebler happ Pham Fowler haniger schwarber  Werth casty marwin reddick blash