MLB: F the Chalk w/ @cashindfs – 9.22.17


This article is for GPP players only. You want safe, this ain’t for you. F(ade) the Chalk!!! Let’s get it!! First or last!!!! #HootyHoo

F the Chalk w/ CashinDFS

Has dominated these angels hitters go check out the BVP. I’ve been pitching him every 5th it seems like forever now. And has been dominant since coming over in the trade as he was in detriot before it. I don’t care that the angels aren’t a big K team verlander has just been too good

The problem with greinke compared to verlander is the enormous power in this lineup. And also not a big K team with a much worse park. Just a lot of boxes I’d check for verlander over him. But with that being said greinke could go out and dominate as well. But if paying up tonight he has to be the 2nd option for me

Easy! Throws a slider. Playing the blue jays. Blue jays are terrible against the slider except smoak and Morales really. Just gotta get around them 2 if they are even both in the lineup. Got hurt against this team his last start against them and you bet your ass I had some that night. All that being said he has shown a propensity to get hit hard this year and give up homers. More so earlier in the year but still it can happen. The jays made Vargas look like cy young last night who has been as bad as a pitcher can be

Price is way up there for a guy that got pulled after 5 innings at only 63 pitches 5 days ago against these Padres. He was dominating too. Have no idea what was up with that but didn’t like it much cause I made a team with him. He’s been very good against this team and I’m a big Jon Gray mark(won me a lot of money last year)

This is my dude tonight! F it lets get it! Take your balls out and put them on the table tonight with me lol this is how you win all the money. Graveman in a nutshell is a decent pitcher that will go out and be very good or very bad and that is exactly what I want when trying to win a gpp, just look at his games. Here’s his 3 starts against the rangers this year. 1)@oak 7 inn,9 hits,0 BB,6 K’s,1 ER,win 46 FD points 2)@tex 6.2 inn,9 hits,1 BB,2 K’s, 4 ER,loss 14 FD points 3)@tex 7 inn,2 hits,1 BB,5 K’s,1 ER,win 43 FD points. Two games in tex one he got shelled, well this one is at home in a great park and great pitching conditions. At 6.8 I can get in every big bat I want tonight. Who is gonna have a set of balls with me tonight?

Other options
Jimenez – if Joseph catches him he can have a game and get those K’s in this rays lineup
Gibson- a righty vs Detriot
Woodruff- it’s the cubs so they could go out and K a lot or hit 5 homeruns
Romano- this one is really crazy in this park against a team that is very disciplined at the plate but crazier things have happened like Vargas last night


Let me make this clear. I AM ALL THE WAY THE FUCK IN HERE!!!!! I hope it’s the same 1-4 that let me down a few days ago except Pollack with his 2 dongs. Very much want it to be Pollack Rosales goldy JD 1-4. Drury iannetta  in play too

Estrada is a fly ball pitcher against a hot team that love to put them over the fence. All the best options are very expensive except Castro and bird. Both of those are very underpriced in my opinion. Never leave off judge or Sanchez in your Yankees stack. Sanchez has 4 hits off Estrada all 4 were souviniers

Lyles grades out as the worst pitcher on.yhe slate for me. Can get any bat against him but these lefties and arenado is where I’d want to go. Amarista stuck out to me when looking at BVP. Was not expecting to see his name and very cheap

Have a feeling that blast Cobb today. They did his last start in Baltimore but he shut them down in Tampa. I expect Beckham to be highly motivated for this game! So either goes off or just tries to hard and sucks

Lackey is garbage and gets hit hard. The brewers have to win this game. We know Thames want to go deep on him everytime he steps to the plate with the steroids comments

Nobody is going here today rarely ever do when they are out in Oakland. But thet didn’t when they were all fairly cheap. Never did I think I’d open up 2B and see lowrie more expensive then dozier. I couldn’t believe it. Lowrie will be .7% and that. 7% will be stacks

If you have balls today you’ll go down on this ship with me with graveman and get every bat you want in. Except graveman is gonna be good

C  Sanchez iannetta gattis Ramos
1B goldy Hoskins(glad he’s back here) Olsen bellinger duda lomo
2B dozier scooter drury Castro Cano
3B Arenado moose Chapman longo
SS Turner seager Beckham Rosales
OF JD Pollack judge Betts Krush cargo Blackmon Fowler Joyce Souza Dickerson parra kiermaier grandy moss joc Alvarez Smith O’s