MLB: F the Chalk w/ @CashinDFS – 9.25.17


This article is for GPP players only. You want safe, this ain’t for you. F(ade) the Chalk!!! Let’s get it!! First or last!!!! #HootyHoo

F the Chalk w/ CashinDFS

All I can say is it’s probably best to go light. I don’t want any pitcher on a team that has clinched a playoff spot. They won’t let them go deep to save them for the playoffs. These teams want to start setting up their playoff rotations. Something I just won’t do the last week of the season. You will see a lot of bad lineups from playoff teams this week. Mariners are very cheap on DK so will be popular with Coors guys.

I know you probably think I’m crazy for having him on top but he’s been decent 2 of his last 3 both against the Rockies though. The dbacks just clinched and I think they sit some of the big bats if not all of them. I hope the lineup comes out very close to lock so he doesn’t become popular if all these studs are sitting. This is still by no means safe but I don’t play safe. Should be very low owned with upside if the lineup comes out close to lock.

A pitcher that won’t be pulled early if pitching well. If on his game he has so much K upside. I always like K arms against these cubs cause they will K for him or they will rock him. But he hasn’t been rocked at all. Not one start this year with over 2 ER except his first. Cubs haven’t clinched yet but it’s almost guaranteed they are in.

The Nats could put out a bad lineup for him too. Picking your pitcher today is all about looking at the lineups they will get to face. Pick whichever one you think has the best upside for their matchup and ownership. If the D-Backs lineup is very watered down I’ll be going there for the lowest ownership. Nola has been pitching well and that curveball is so nasty. Too cheap on DK and could get to face a not so great lineup. These are the only 3 pitchers I would even consider tonight.


It’s James shields with a park upgrade for a team that can’t lose a game with the best player in the league. With all the options tonight I hope most just over look them. I’d say Upton is swinging a hot bat with 3 dongs last 2 games against shields I’ll take that everyday. Valbuena Calhoun, Pujols, Cron and Phillips all options too.

Any time wood steps on the mound I want to stack against him. To me he might be the worst pitcher in baseball but it seems like there’s a lot of them to choose from. Any and all righties and I’d play lefties against him too. They have plenty of cheap bats that are very good against lefties with Kiki, Barnes and Forsythe.

Red Sox
Should be popular. Anderson is awful and just got killed by KC. He’s terrible vs lefties and righties so any bat in the lineup is in play.

A very high upside team when going against a bad pitcher with cheap guys to choose from too. I’d want Hoskins Altherr Williams Herrera the most.

White Sox
Going against a pitcher that gives up power at home. If Abreu is out it severely weakens that lineup but would cause more not to play them. I will always love Davidson cause he was a big reason I won my FD live final seat this year. And he’s always too cheap and low owned for his power.

C  Barnes, Zunino, McCann, Herrmann, Vazquez
1B Hoskins, Abreu, Olsen, Hanley, Pujols
2B Forsythe, Cano, Phillips, Moncada, Nunez
3B Valbuena, Arenado, Davidson, Villanueva
SS Xander, Dejong, Kiki, Simmons, Turner
OF Trout, Upton, Cruz, Betts, Williams, Herrera, Haniger, Taylor, Martinez Calhoun, Pham, Revere, Piscotty, Fisher