MLB: F the Chalk w/ @cashinDFS – 9.7.17


This article is for GPP players only. You want safe, this ain’t for you. F(ade) the Chalk!!! #HootyHoo

F the Chalk w/ @cashinDFS

Kluber– my number 1 play today. He should be higher owned with Kershaw most likely on a pitch count. I’d pick him straight up over Kershaw either way. Has just been better then Kershaw to me this year

Kershaw– It’s tough for me today cause even at a 85-90 pitch count he could still be higher owned then kluber on name alone but I doubt it. The Rockies can suck outside of Coors so he’s defintely in play even if on a limit. Might be a good idea to make a team with each

Gray– Gray is one of my dudes. I pitch him a lot. The Dodgers have been awful lately so he could go out here and dominate them. But the Dodgers do have some lefty power bats that can get to him

Roark– he has been very good lately. 26 K’s in 18.2 innings his last 3 games. This could be a boom or bust option. He could break the slate of he goes out here and dominates the Phillies. But they have been swinging the bats pretty well so that’s why I think it’s kind of boom or bust. But I think it’s a better chance at a dominant game then not

Newcomb- I really like his stuff. I’m a believer in this kid. He will be good for a longtime. I think he’s my favorite sp2 guy today. But Mia can limit his K upside

Mahle– another good sp2 option tonight. He was good vs these mets last time. The mets have mailed in the season so he’s a good cheap option

Lynn– It’s the Padres and he’s good at limiting damage most of the time. I’ve pitched him 1 time all year he doesn’t have the upside I’m looking for. The Padres could give him some. They saw him 3 start ago in St. Louis and got to him 6 hits 4 ER’s. If you like him here you can pull this trigger. I won’t be but he’s in play

Taillon– the way the cubs looked yesterday he could be in play as well. He can struggle with lefties and the cubs have lefty mashers so it’s a little scary. Another guy I won’t go with but just here for his bad the cubs looked yesterday


Nats– I’m hoping some are scared away from nola on the mound cause I damn sure ain’t. Nola has been blown up 3 of his last 4 starts. Murphy is heating up with BVP. Turner vs a righty (sucks vs lefties) that he can steal on. You can sign me up with this stack today. Hoping they go overlooked

Cards– Richard can give up dongs left and right to righties. What does he get to face today? Probably 8 of them. Yes I defintely like these cards today. Love going with these cheap lefty mashers OF’s. Martinez piscotty badar OF with kluber or Kershaw can open up a lot for the rest of your lineup. Molina grichuk Fowler dejong every card righty is in play

Cincy– lol Harvey!!!! This should be the chalk. If it’s not everyone should quit MLB DFS. Matt fucking Harvey is garbage. Every single red is in play. I know I’m gonna fade and pray. I don’t know maybe not

KC– one of my favorite teams to stack because they are almost always under owned. I stack them a lot. Did me very well last night and screwed me the night before. They should carry some ownership today cause Gibson sucks and he doesn’t discriminate. Sucks vs lefties and righties almost equally. Love the lefties hosmer moss sucks moose won’t play today. But I think Perez is getting healthy with his double dong last night and 3 in his last 3 games I always prefer Perez vs righties and he will be the chalk on FD at 2.4

Indians– the way they are swinging the bats right now they are in play vs any pitcher. While I do really believe in rodon’s stuff I like the Indians today. It should be noted though that he dominated this team his last start. Like Jackson E5 the most. Guyer is in play too but if I play him he’ll get a 3, always lets me down. But always in play vs a lefty. The only reason he’s still in the league is because of how he hits lefties

Got balls call! Do you have them? If you have balls you can put some of these Rockies in your lineups at very reduced prices to fit in other shit you want. Kershaw has struggled at times this year and it’s only his 2nd start back. Minor problem is the pen is so good. But arenado and parra have some BVP cargo has been turning it around some. Yes it’s scary but I actually do like arenado today

C- Perez Molina realmuto Perez cle Diaz
1B- votto hosmer E5 Rizzo voit abrue
2B- Murphy scooter dozier Ramirez happ
3B- moose (but won’t play) Escobar rendon Suarez Arenado
SS- Turner dejong cozart peraza lindor Mercer
OF- entire cards OF Cain schebler Williams moss Jackson cutch Rosario Kepler lind schwarber kemp Buxton bonifaco