MLB GPP Plays – 9.26.17

F the Chalk w/ @CashinDFS


This article is for GPP players only. You want safe, this ain’t for you. F(ade) the Chalk!!! Let’s get it!! First or last!!!! #HootyHoo

MLB GPP Plays (F the Chalk) w/ CashinDFS

Again it’s the last week of the season so you gotta check the lineups closely cause a pitcher you might not want can be in a good spot if the opposing team rolls out a minor league lineup. Like the dbacks did for me yesterday. And again I won’t pitch any pitcher on a playoff team cause I don’t trust they’ll let him go. Yu went longer then I thought last night so it can happen but I won’t do it. So if sale goes off tonight I probably lose and I’m fine with that.

If Joseph catches him I like him a lot. If beef catches him he’s a fade. It’s as simple has that. Every number will tell you this if you want to look but I’ll tell you the ERA is 5 runs higher with beef with only a 2 start difference with each.

I missed on him a couple Fridays ago but not his last start. Can these mariners rock him of course but I’ll take my chances in this park with his price increase that not many will be going here. The kid has been good all 3 starts since coming back up. He has good stuff.

Has been good against Boston this year and they could be rolling out a B lineup today and have been pinch hitting for guys early too. He’s not gonna be a gpp winning play but don’t think he’ll be losing it for you either. Really depends on this lineup for the Sox.

Should have a long enough leash to do damage if he’s on his game tonight against the rays. There are plenty of built in K’s in this lineup for him. He has the pitches to get it done but if he’s off which you never know with him then he can get his ass handed to him. Either way I do like Ramos against him.

Has been doing his thing his last 2 starts. But there is no denying it this dude can suck a big dick. He has very good K stuff it he could ever put it together just hasn’t happened this year maybe next year. But KC season is over and he gets a good park today. Just need the anibal of the last 2 starts to show up.

Only 4k on DK. Any pitcher is in play at 4k. He pitched well in his only start this year against the Astros in Houston. Gets to face a angels team that was just eliminated from the playoffs. Maybe they sit guys today maybe they aren’t motivated to play even if I’m the lineup.

Only 4.9k on DK. Was a very highly touted prospect coming out of college and has been good in the minors this year in double A ball though. Allowing less then a HR per 9. We all know the brewers can strikeout a lot. At the same time could light this dude up at home. High risk high reward play.

Is $44 on FD today. If you want to completely game stack the Coors game it can be done with him but I’m sure most that pitch him will go directly to Coors bats. So do your thing if that’s what you’d like. I personally hope he scores -15 points today.


All the studs should return to the lineup today but my problem is if they do go off they’ll all be sitting early. They’d have to get you what you needed if they score early and often before they get pulled cause that will happen if they get up 8-0 early. When playing playoff guys you have to be prepared for them to get 2-3 AB’s

Maybe on FD way more play colon then should and that would immediately lower their ownership. Coors will already lower that with most of these Indians being expensive. I hope they blast Mr potato head tonight

Give me all the righties and Murphy as well. I won’t play Harper until I watch him at the plate. But Thompson gives it up to righties. Turner rendon Zimmerman Taylor Werth. Actually like the Phillies on the other side too. I could game stack this tonight

We know they want to kill the rangers after they refused to switch series after the hurricane. I personally think hamels isn’t good now

Brewers & Angels
Both should be somewhat popular today going against no name pitchers. And people will go here without even looking into the pitchers. I won’t go here but of course both could go off but the angels might sit some guys

C)  Perez – Gattis – Iannetta – Ramos – Either DET C
1B) Santana – Zimmerman – Bellinger – Travis – Joseph
2B) Ramirez – Merrifield – Altuve – Moncada – Kinsler
3B) Rendon – Cabrera – Frazier – Lamb – Devers
SS) Turner – Lindor – Escobar – Seager
OF) Stanton – Blackmon – Ozuna – Bruce – Renfroe – Taylor (WAS) – Cain – Moss – Buxton -Any LAD OF – Cruz – Haniger – Any backs OF – Schebler – Casty (DET) – Kepler – Werth – Bonifacio