MLB GPP Plays – 9/27

F the Chalk by @CashinDFS


This article is for GPP players only. You want safe, this ain’t for you. F(ade) the Chalk!!! Let’s get it!! First or last!!!! #HootyHoo

MLB GPP Plays (F the Chalk) w/ CashinDFS

Again make sure you are checking these lineups when released this last week of the season cause they can get ugly. And be aware of playoff teams pulling their bats early and some that have clinched that can’t go up or down in the standings to get their pitchers out earlier then normal too

The O’s have been terrible recently and will have almost all righties. Chad Kuhl can dominate righties. Is at home in a great pitching park. The O’s have the highest K rate over the last 7 days. Really like this spot for him tonight.

Has thrown more pitches each start since coming off the DL and has been very good doing it too. Two being against the Astros. They are eliminated in my mind but mathematically I guess not. If they lose 1 game or the twins win 1 they are out. I expect him to get more pitches tonight again if he’s pitching well.

Has been pitching very well this month and has only allowed 2 ER’s this year to the Red Sox. Happ dominated them last night like he has pretty much all year too. And I was wrong yesterday happ could have won you the slate at 0.6% owned on FD. Hopefully Betts sits again.

Has been keeping his walk numbers down with no more then 3 walks over his last 5 and that has been his biggest problem at the big league level. Kid has very good stuff!! Has been dominant against the mets in his 2 starts so far. Both at home though this is on the road with a park upgrade. Just K’d 8 of them in 5.1 innings on the 15th.

Can he dominate these nats like a much worse pitcher in Thompson did last night? Don’t know but he is a better pitcher. Nats cost me money last night with Monty and dbacks stack so they probably go off on him tonight when I won’t have any.


Some BVP here which I love especially recent BVP. Andriese can’t miss a right handed bat and they have plenty of big right handed bats in this lineup. Judge is ripping the covers off of baseball’s again. If you stack them don’t leave off Headley cause he kills him and not many want to play Chase fucking Headley.

Blue Jays
Dongalson is the hottest hitter in baseball right now and I don’t expect that to change against porcello here. Porcello has given up a lot of dongs this year and constant hard contact. Hernandez is also one of the hottest hitters in the league right now too but I expect him and this team to be popular tonight.

Zimmerman is very bad and the royals keep rolling out their best lineup at home cause a lot of them won’t be there next year and these KC fans love these guys. He’s very bad against both hands so you can get in whatever you can fit in for this team. All of them are in play.

They need to keep winning games and Mr. Homer loves to give up homers! Gimme all these righties and Shaw.

Let me down 2 nights ago (except trout) and of course every one of them that did hit a homer last night. Lopez is another guy that can’t miss a bat to safe his life over his last 4 games. If the angels lose they are done but need a lot of help too. But they should beat this guy around tonight.


C) Sanchez – Barnes – Perez  – KC tigers C
1B) Hoskins – Headley – Hosmer – Austin – Lind
2B) Forsythe – Castro – Murphy – Kipnis
3B) Donaldson – Moose – Turner – Villanueva – Valbuena
SS) Kiki – Arcia – Dejong – Lindor – Turner
OF) Judge – Hicks – Trout – Braun – Bruce – Moss – Domingo – Hernandez – Alvarez – Jackson – Kepler – Renfroe – Rosario – Taylor (LAD) – Casty – Gordon – Dickerson – Calhoun – Bonifacio