MLB GPP Plays – 9/28

F the Chalk by @CashinDFS


This article is for GPP players only. You want safe, this ain’t for you. F(ade) the Chalk!!! Let’s get it!! First or last!!!! #HootyHoo

MLB GPP Plays (F the Chalk) w/ CashinDFS

Really don’t know what to do with pitching today. Gotta watch these lineups. Cubs just clinched last night so I expect the same from them as the dbacks, a minor league lineup. Does that put Lynn in play? I guess. But I think he sucks and I never play him and damn sure won’t play chalk Lynn

Has dominated these rays but should be the chalkiest option tonight after sev last night. We all know there’s built in K’s all over this lineup but he is a righty so the rays could do something against him. I prefer lefties against them. But the best play on the board tonight

Has been pitching well and gets a Marlins team with not many lefties I’m scared of except bour and Dietrich. He can really struggle with lefties and pitches in the park Freeman built so gets a big park upgrade here. The Marlins struggled the last couple games in Coors so hoping that continues here. Stanton is chasing 60 so he will be swinging for the fences no doubt but could K 3 times doing it. I really like this spot for him

Is a lefty against the tigers so not the greatest spot for him but is at home in his pitching park. He’s either good here and racks up some K’s or is bad and gets hit around the park. This is his last start of the year so could have a longer leash. I’m a big fan of his stuff personally


Covey is the worst pitcher on this slate and that’s not an easy thing to accomplish with all these dog shit pitchers. Angels were officially eliminated last night so don’t know what this lineup will look like

Whatever you do just play Albies!!!! This kid is a stud and makes me excited for next year already. Crushes lefties. Suzuki is also really mashing lefties this year too. This guy is not good against lefties either so don’t be afraid to use Freeman and these lefties either

If it wasn’t for Covey and maybe Peters, Norris would be the worst pitcher on this slate. Fucking terrible pitchers every where! He’s about equally bad to both sides of the plate so fire up any of your favorite royals

One of my favorite teams in MLB DFS. Much prefer them at home where I always get them sub 3% owned. Tonight in Arlington they will be more popular then that and against a pitcher that loves to ruin stacks. How this guy limits the damage so often is beyond me cause he just sucks. My dude Krush Davis is on fire right now and I will have him today 100% no matter if it’s a one off or in a stack

A lot of lefty crushers here. If they run out their normal lineup you can stack them up

C)  Sanchez – Gattis – Suzuki – Perez
1B) Olsen – Bird – Abreu – Freeman – Lind – Cron
2B) Altuve – Murphy – Merrifield – Castro – Albies
3B) Moose – Valbuena – Bregman – La Stella – Chapman
SS) Camargo – Andus – Correa – Simmons
OF) Trout – Judge – Krush – Moss – Cain – Springer – McCutchen – Upton – Joyce – Happ – Gordon – Casty – Calhoun – Kemp