MLB GPP Plays – 9/29

F the Chalk by @CashinDFS


This article is for GPP players only. You want safe, this ain’t for you. F(ade) the Chalk!!! Let’s get it!! First or last!!!! #HootyHoo

MLB GPP Plays w/ CashinDFS

GOOD LUCK!!!!! This will be a shit show. Only play teams that have to win games or only young guys that will play the whole game. Or Stanton cause he will get all of his at bats.

The Indians want home field through out the playoffs it’s between them and the Astros. That is why Springer is still batting in the 9th inning winning 12-2. Bauer will be able to go deep enough to get you the points you need. Has been pitching very well and has the upside you need against these White Sox

Cards were eliminated last night and will almost certainly throw out a AAA lineup. If the brewers lose they are done so Anderson will have the leash we need to get to the top if he’s dealing

Kid has some good stuff with some high heat. Just another good young arm for ATL, they are building nice young pitching rotation. Miami isn’t the biggest K team but he has the stuff to get them at a cheap price. But at the same time throwing as hard as he does if Stanton bour ozuna get their barrel on it, it’s going over the wall. Don’t think many play this guy today

Just dominated these O’s his last start in Baltimore. Now gets them at home so that puts him in play. Has been pitching very well over his last 4 starts. But they did just see him

Same as odorizzi just pitched well against this team his last start. But they are seeing him 2 starts in a row which is never good for the pitcher. But fuck this slate is a shit show so like I said first, good luck if you are actually playing this ridiculous slate


I hate the fucking Rockies!!! I almost never play them in Coors. But they have to win and won’t let up unless it gets completely out of hand. If the Dodgers roll out their regular lineup of course they are stackable too. If I’m stacking them there’s no way I leave off Blackmon arenado or story. If you stack them don’t leave off Blackmon lefty on lefty, that’s a donkey move! Stacking them you need them to go off, if they are going off they will see plenty of the pen. Blackmon is good vs lefties and Ryu has higher ISO wOBA to lefties. Just don’t do that, it’s stupid

Did it for me last night and will do it again cause they can’t lose a game. They want to catch the Indians to get that home field. Fister has come back down to earth so they could blow him up. Correa is on fire. They are back to the lethal lineup of most of the year. Almost all swinging hot bats right now

Once again they have to win. It’s a must. You notice a trend here. I only want teams that have to win games

2 teams I like not playing for anything

They aren’t playing for anything but we know they are letting these young guys get their at bats. They aren’t gonna pinch hit them

Their lefties could destroy him in this park. Hope Gallo plays. Lol his soft contact to lefties is hilarious!

C)  Either – Astros – C Nicholas – Ramos – Sisco
1B) Gallo – Bellinger – Aguilar – Goldy – Hoskins
2B) Robinson – Odor – Altuve – Schoop
3B) Arenado – Lamb – Chapman – Turner
SS) Story – Correa – Andrus – Aalvis
OF) Blackmon – Cruz – Trout – Bruce – Cargo – Williams – Altherr – Upton – Pollack – Joc – Taylor (LAD) – Granderson – Springer – Brewers OF – Haniger – Fisher – Hazelbaker – Rangers OF – Piscotty – Bourjos – Young Jr