MLB Opening Day Countdown Series – New York Yankees


New York Yankees

2017 Record: (91-71) 2nd in the AL East

Off Season Transactions:


Fired Joe Girardi and Hired Aaron Boone


Chase Headley and Bryan Mitchell for Jabari Blash – I’m not sure exactly what the Yankees have in mind but this trade just strengthened their outfield depth even more. They now have the studs Judge and Stanton to pair with Aaron Hicks, Brett Gardner, Jacoby Ellsbury, and one of their top prospects Clint Frazier leaving them with 6 very good outfield options. I know there is a DH spot to fill as well with one of these guys but my guess is they will deal one or two for a 2nd or 3rd baseman if they can’t sign one.


Projected Starting Rotation:

Louis Severino – Tough end to last year for him but he is still young and has a bunch of talent, he should only improve. He has elite strikeout stuff with a 30% K percentage last year. He was risky last year because he had games where he couldn’t command his pitches and would struggle. With that being said he could also work out of jams and still get there. Girardi would leave him in games at times too for 120 pitches which was a huge help in DFS. We will have to keep an eye on how Boone wants to manage the young kids pitches as it appeared he tired out down the stretch last year and this team is focused on the World Series.

Sonny Gray – He is a good starting pitcher and someone you would want on your favorite team. However, from a DFS perspective he is fine. He doesn’t have huge upside because he won’t strikeout a bunch of guys but he also is tough to put runs on the board against. He will be an option on most slates for the floor he provides but be aware he also doesn’t bring much of a ceiling.

Masahiro Tanaka – This guy is boom or bust! I believe he had like a 90 point DFS game last year. He can strikeout out legit 15 guys on any given day but he can also give up 4 home runs in the 1st inning and get pulled with negative 24 points. Super high risk but very high reward play here.

C.C. Sabathia – This guy came to play last postseason and actually had a pretty good year last year for the Yanks. He will be cheap on most slates and in the right matchups he can have good games for you. Cash game play mostly. He is old and is only getting older.

Jordan Montgomery – In the right matchup he is okay, but he is going to have to prove to us that he can go deeper into games consistently before I consider rostering him on a daily basis. I feel like the only reason we ever have him in consideration on DFS is because he falls on a slate where all the 5th starters are pitching and he comes out as a decent option that day. He is fine but I don’t think with his upside he is worth rostering.



Starting Lineup:

*What the hell are we going to do with this lineup this year. Everyone and their brother is going to want to get in Judge and Stanton together whenever the Yanks step foot on the diamond. It is going to be expensive to do it but the Yanks will be projected as one of the highest producing stacks on a daily basis*

Brett Gardner (OF) – He is always a solid option in DFS because he gets on base and when he does he is always a threat to swipe bases which are worth a lot for fantasy production. He also has home run upside especially at home with Yankee Stadium’s small porch to right field. He might get forgotten about now when people are stacking the Yanks because they will auto plug in Judge and Stanton and won’t have enough salary to get in Gardner. He should have a boost in runs as well this year with Stanton added to drive him home.

Aaron Judge (OF) – I don’t need to say much here. The dude has huge upside every single day because he is a freak of nature. Legit 3 home run upside on the daily. He will be expensive but on most slates, he should be worth it.

Giancarlo Stanton (OF) – I don’t need to say much here. The dude has huge upside every single day because he is a freak of nature. Legit 3 home run upside on the daily. He will be expensive but on most slates, he should be worth it. (Like what I did there?)

Gary Sanchez (C) – The best catching option on the board every time the Yankees step on the diamond. It is just a matter of if you think it merits paying up at catcher on that slate. There will be chalk punt options and if they bust and Gary to Goat goes double dong you have a huge advantage.

Didi Gregorious (SS) – I really like Didi especially at the SS position where there usually isn’t a ton of options. Was on fire at the end of the year and hopefully he can keep it up this season. He is a switch hitter who has his most upside when hitting as a lefty. You are going to want to know who Didi is going into 2018 if you don’t already.

Aaron Hicks (OF) – Just another solid option for the Yanks and in DFS. He shouldn’t be too expensive at the beginning of the year but the price will increase as the season goes on. He has power and the ability to swipe bases time to time. He hits way better against lefties than righties as he is also a switch hitter.

Greg Bird (1B) – A young kid who is finally making his way up to the bigs and I think he will be a solid option to round out the Yankees lineup. He has pretty good numbers and will have plenty of opportunities to drive in runs this year. When you pair that with the power he has he should be a solid option at a decent price this year.

Miguel Andujar (3B) – 22-year-old who might step in at 3rd base for the Yanks this year if they can’t find anyone in free agency or trade which I doubt. However, at this point he looks like a guy who hits for average but doesn’t have much power. Not a whole bunch of upside here.

Ronald Torreyes (2B) – If he is playing, don’t play him.

Playing Field:

Yankee Stadium

Ball Park Factor- 4th

Yankee Stadium is definitely a hitter ballpark which doesn’t make it any easier for pitcher facing this Yankees lineup. Yankee Stadium yields 128 home runs per 100 home runs given up in a average MLB stadium. Balls will be flying out this year!

“Must Knows” of the New York Yankees going into 2018 MLB DFS:

Giancarlo Stanton played his home games for the Marlins in Marlins Park which ranks 26th in Ball Park Factor. Their divisional teams in the NL East are the Phillies, Mets, Nationals and Braves who have Ball Park Factors of 9th, 16th, 19th, and 21st. Giancarlo now moves to the AL East, home of the Baltimore Orioles, Boston Red Sox, Toronto Blue Jays and Tampa Bay Rays who have Ball Park Factors of 5th, 8th, 13th, 24th. 47% of an MLB’s team’s games are against divisional opponents allowing Stanton to see an increase in Ball Park Factors of his Divisional Opponents when facing them on the road this year. To top it all off, Stanton now calls Yankees Stadium (4th ranked in Ball Park Factor) his home ball park where 50% of his games will be played as opposed to Marlins Park (ranked 26th in Ball Park Factor) where he called home last year and throughout his whole career.