MLB Opening Day Countdown Series


MLB Opening Day Countdown Series

What is up Nation? It’s KamG here and oh it feels good to be back! There is 51 days until MLB Opening Day and the best time of the year is right around the corner. MLB DFS is the best sport when it comes to DFS in my opinion. With 162-game seasons we will see around 200+ slates of MLB from March 29th to October, it doesn’t get much better than that! We are going to be winning a lot in baseball this year over here at WiseTake. Before the season, we’re going to be kicking it off here with 50 articles counting down the 50 days until opening day on March 29th. I’ll be doing an overview of each team in the MLB for the first 30 days. After we dive into all 30 of the MLB teams we’ll finish up with 20 articles touching on 20 different things I think are really important when it comes to MLB DFS wrapping up the final four with an in depth look into the opening day slate position by position (Starting Pitchers, Bullpens, Outfielders, infielders). The nice part about this is I hope that you guys can not only use it before the season starts to get ahead of your opponents, but can use it throughout the whole season. By the end of this it will be time for the 1st slate to be played which is including every team in the MLB this year so it is going to be an exciting opening slate with tons of money to make! By the end of this you guys should be a step ahead of everyone else when opening day comes around.

Here is an outline of the 50 articles for your reference:

Day 1-5 AL East

Day 1 – Baltimore Orioles

Day 2 – Boston Red Sox

Day 3 – New York Yankees

Day 4 – Tampa Bay Rays

Day 5 – Toronto Blue Jays

Day 6-10 AL Central

Day 6 – Chicago White Sox

Day 7 – Cleveland Indians

Day 8 – Detroit Tigers

Day 9 – Kansas City Royals

Day 10 – Minnesota Twins

Day 11-15 AL West

Day 11 – Houston Astros

Day 12 – Los Angeles Angles

Day 13 – Oakland Athletics

Day 14 – Seattle Mariners

Day 15 – Texas Rangers

Day 16-20 NL East

Day 16 – Atlanta Braves

Day 17 – Miami Marlins

Day 18 – New York Mets

Day 19 – Philadelphia Phillies

Day 20 – Washington Nationals

Day 21-25 NL Central

Day 21 – Chicago Cubs

Day 22 – Cincinnati Reds

Day 23 – Milwaukee Brewers

Day 24 – Pittsburg Pirates

Day 25 – St. Louis Cardinals

Day 26-30 NL West

Day 26 – Arizona Diamondbacks

Day 27 – Colorado Rockies

Day 28 – Los Angeles Dodgers

Day 29 – San Diego Padres

Day 30 – San Francisco Giants

Day 31-50 MLB DFS Preparation

Day 31 – Fangraphs Introduction

Day 32 – Useful statistics for Identifying Hitters

Day 33 – Useful Statistics for Identifying Pitchers

Day 34 – Identifying Starting Pitching for Cash and Tournaments

Day 35 – Identifying Teams to Stack

Day 36 – Identifying Potential Home Runs on the Daily

Day 37 – Do you believe in Batter vs. Pitcher Statistics?

Day 38 – The New BvP

Day 39 – The Integration of the Outside Elements

Day 40 – Park Factors

Day 41 – Site Specific Scoring and Roster Construction

Day 42 – Cash Lineup Construction

Day 43 – Tournament Lineup Construction

Day 44 – Contest Selection

Day 45 – Fading the Chalk

Day 46 – Opening Day Slate Preparation – Opening Day Starting Pitchers

Day 47 – Opening Day Slate Preparation – Opening Day Bullpens

Day 48 – Opening Day Slate Preparation – Opening Day Outfielders

Day 49 – Opening Day Slate Preparation – Opening Day Infielders

Day 50 – Opening Day Slate

If there is anything you guys would like me to touch on feel free to DM me on Twitter @KamGDFS and I will make sure to answer it in one of the articles.