MLB: Palm Trees & GPPs w/ @cashindfs – 9.13.17


This article is for GPP players only. You want safe, this ain’t for you. F(ade) the Chalk!!! Let’s get it!! First or last!!!! #HootyHoo

Palm Trees & GPPs w/ CashinDFS

Best p going tonight by a lot. The numbers against righties are as good as it gets. I’ll most likely be fading and hope he struggles like his last 2 games. The braves have hit the past and have the lefties to do it. Incierte albies Freeman markakis

Has been dominant his last few starts. Since his last start in July he’s been very good except 1 start. The A’s will K! But they can also go the fuck off. I love krush about every day and today will be no different. Almost sure fister will be on my main team though

Dominating the O’s this year. The O’s have come crashing down to earth after their got streak. They are struggling right now. Usually after a player or team get really hot they get really cold for a while. They are there now

Yep I really like both pitchers in this game. As long as Joseph catches him. With Joseph he’s been lights out with beef he’s been getting his ass handed to him. So if beef comes back and plays today it would put the jays bats in play and give stroman a boost for the win

Saw this from my dude loughy D on Twitter last night. Since being sent down to AAA he’s gone 93.1 innings, 1.93 ERA, 13.5 K/9, 38.5 K%, 30% K-BB, 0.95 WHIP, 2.17 xFIP. Talk about some domination and upside. Hopefully most don’t even look at what he’s been doing and remember the gas can he was earlier in the year. The brewers have the highest K% over the last 7 days. I will have glasnow today. I hope I don’t hear a word about him too

I guess just cause of how big of a favorite he is. But I don’t pitch him very often. Probably a safe cash play if not wanting to spend all the way up to max

My dude!!! But not today. His splits are very bad. Dominant vs righties and bad vs lefties. Could and should see a shit ton of lefties today. Much rather stack against him today



Have beat the shit out of nola this year! And get him in Philly tonight. Sign me up. Wouldn’t be surprised if they did it again. They own him

Perez is due for a blowup he can’t miss bats and somehow skates by without being killed. Not today Cruz Valencia zunino haniger are going to do their thing. And please don’t leave off the lefty on lefty seager. Seager is 16-38 lifetime vs Perez with 4 dongs and scorching hot right now. This is my favorite game stack of the night

In chase against I pitcher I’m not scared of. They are worthy of a stack every home game no matter the pitcher. Lamb has been awful but too cheap. Goldy JD Pollack drury Peralta Herrmann if make it in today

Leake has been better in sea since the trade but don’t think that lasts today. I’ll take these lefties against him Gallo odor mazara Choo. If Robinson cracks the lineup he’s a punt option

Red Sox
Again I like the Sox tonight. Cotton has been bad for a longtime now. Betts is hot right now and when he is he can do it in bunches. I almost always fade a guy after a night like last night but will have him in a stack. Really like the lefties here. Benintendi moreland JBJ. Hanley’s 0 destroyed some very good teams last night so I’ll have him to make up for it

Chalk city here. Really nothing to say. Harvey is a pile of dogshit. Rizzo happ Bryant schwarber. Contreras has to show me something 1st. But I hate playing cubs chalk

They should be chalk too. If not I’ll be all over it. Moore is as bad as Harvey. While he has had good games vs this team before this isn’t the team of the past. This team will now rock lefties. Worst park in baseball but I don’t care Moore can make it into chase field. And Moore is getting hit hard by lefties so I eoupfnt be leaving off bellinger

If you got balls!!
If you have them you stack up some braves tonight. They have gotten to max before and have the lefties to get it done. Whatever you do don’t play a righty against him. Freeman markakis inciarte albies. I don’t think it happens today. I think max gets back on track after 2 bad games but I’m here for 1st. Best way there is the braves getting a dong or 2 off of him and then getting to the pen

C zunino Herrmann chirinos D’Arnaud
1B votto goldy Rizzo bour Valencia Moreland
2B happ dozier scooter odor drury walker
3B seager arenado lamb bregman Franco
SS story seager xander andrus solarte
OF Cruz Hoskins JD Pollack Blackmon Joyce schwarber Springer mazara Choo haniger JBJ  schebler benintendi winker Saunders