MMA Breakdown: UFC 215 Johnson vs Borg w/ @JefPo


UFC 215 Johnson vs Borg

The Quest for 11

Edmonton, Canada

MMA Breakdown: UFC 215 Johnson vs Borg by WigSplitter

UFC Fight Pass early prelims

Kajan Johnson (21-12-1) vs Adriano Martins (28-8-0)

Kajan Johnson-BJJ/ MMA fighter 2-1 in the UFC. Coming off a 2-year layoff, Illusive striker use leg kicks will try to take opponents down and utilize his jiu-jitsu has had cardio issues gassing in later rounds. Solid takedown defense

Adriano Martins-BJJ/Judo/Striker 4-2 in the UFC. Has evolved into a well-rounded fighter with a BJJ black belt and Black belt in Judo, Solid Power in both hands counter puncher very patient uses leg kicks to control distance. Solid takedown defense


Luis Henrique (10-3-0 1NC) vs Arjan Bhullar (6-0-0)

Luis Henrique-BJJ/Grappler/Muay Thai Striker 2-2 in the UFC. BJJ brown belt Grinder type fighter uses the cage to get his opponents down (3.85 takedowns avg.) and look for the submission (1.4 sub avg.). Will use dirty boxing in the clinch with some power, does have cardio issues most HW do.

Arjan Bhullar-Wrestler making his UFC debut. Olympic wrestler Hard to find mma video on this guy. Only video I found he had solid ground and pound.


Mitch Clarke (11-4-0) vs Alex White (11-3-0)

Mitch Clarke-BJJ/Grappler 2-4 in the UFC. BJJ black belt fights in the clinch looks for submission

Alex White-Brawler 2-3 in the UFC. Aggressive fighter punches in bunches (3.57 SS landed per minute) leg kicks comes forward suffocating type fighter times solid takedown defense


FS1 Prelims

Gavin Tucker (10-0-0) vs Rick Glenn (19-4-1)

Gavin Tucker-Striker 1-0 in the UFC. Fluid movement high output striker (3.67 SS per minute) looked very good in UFC debut fight. Technical fighter switches stances depending on how he wants to attack opponent. well-rounded fighter always improving.

Rick Glenn-Striker 1-1 in the UFC. Durable fighter keeps moving forward knees in the clinch pressure type fighter in your face striker (3.67 SS per minute)


Sarah Moras (4-3-0) vs Ashlee Evans-Smith (5-2-0)

Sarah Moras-Mma fighter 1-1 in the UFC. Striker with below average striking (1.1 SS per minute) horrible takedown defense (14 % takedown defense). Not very impressive

Ashlee Evans-Smith-Wrestler/Striker 2-2 in the UFC. Grappler with improved striking (4.34 SS per minute) has solid dirty boxing Leg kicks and decent wrestling. Still learning the sport.


Henry Cejudo (10-2-0) vs Wilson Reis (22-7-0)

Henry Cejudo-Olympic Wrestler/ Striker 4-2 in the UFC. Grinder will use his strikes (3.87 SS per minute) to set up takedowns (2.12 takedown average) kicks power strikes will need to utilize takedown defense (100% TD defense)

Wilson Reis-BJJ/Striker 6-3 in the UFC. BJJ black belt with good grappling skills uses strikes to set up takedowns and takedowns to set up strikes, scrambling skills are above average and has solid power.


Sarah McMann (11-3-0) vs Ketlen Vieira (8-0-0)

Sarah McMann-Olympic Wrestler 5-3 in the UFC. Wrestler with improved striking (2.41 SS per minute) decent power works well in the clinch dirty boxer. 5 takedown average per fight 100% takedown defense

Ketlen Vieira-BJJ/Judo 2-0 in the UFC. Peppering type striker (2.8 SS per minute) applies pressure moves forward on opponent will look to take the fight to the ground 2.5 takedowns per fight will need to utilize her 100% takedown defense against an Olympic wrestler.


Main Card

Jeremy Stephens (25-13-0) vs Gilbert Melendez (22-6-0)

Jeremy Stephens-Brawler 12-13 in the UFC. Highlight reel KO power leg kicks will need to fight in a phone booth. Average takedowns 1.28 per fight and slightly above average takedown defense 65%

Gilbert Melendez-Wrestler/Striker 1-4 in the UFC. Former Strikeforce champion Dropping down to 145 lbs. Wrestling foundation shoot for takedowns 1.78 takedowns per fight solid cardio dirty boxing in the clinch always active fighter 3.58 SS per minute above average takedown defense 71%


Ilir Latifi (13-5-0 1NC) vs Tyson Pedro (6-0-0)

Ilir Latifi-Striker/Wrestler 5-3 in the UFC. Very tough fighter   huge power wrestler ground and pound tends to fade in the later rounds.

Tyson Pedro-BJJ/Striker 2-0 in the UFC.BJJ brown belt with slick submission skills, Solid striking in the clinch knees dirty boxing to get the fight to the ground punishing ground and pound.


Neil Magny (19-6-0) vs Rafael Dos Anjos (26-9-0)

Neil Magny-Striker 10-4 in the UFC. Taller fighter will use elbows from the clinch, slightly above average takedown defense 59% need to use long reach and solid leg kicks to keep distance. Active striker 4.04 SS per minute average 2.71 takedowns per fight.

Rafael Dos Anjos-Striker/BJJ 15-7 in the UFC. second fight at 170 lbs. body kicks BJJ black belt pressure tends to fade in later rounds average 2.26 takedowns per fight, above average takedown defense 66% will need to get the fight up close and personal use leg kicks to chop his opponent down.


Amanda Nunes (14-4-0) vs Valentina Schevchenko (14-2-0)

Amanda Nunes-Striker/BJJ 8-2 in the UFC. Defending champion, a very aggressive fast starter intense early round pressure solid strikes, leg kicks high volume striker (4.69 SS per minute) averages 2.04 takedowns per fight above average takedown defense 73% slight cardio issues in the later rounds.

Valentina Schevchenko-Muay Thai Striker 3-1 in the UFC. Counter striker kick boxing above average cardio very disciplined fighter. Always improving/evolving as mixed martial artist evidence in her last fight finish with a slick submission. Averages 2.48 SS strikes per minute and 2.33 takedowns per fight with above average takedown defense.


Demetrious Johnson (26-2-1) vs Ray Borg (11-2-0)

Demetrious Johnson-Mma fighter 16-2-1 in the UFC. 10x defending champion wrestler freak of nature high volume striker (3.49 SS per minute) solid body kicks, Solid takedowns (3.43 TD avg.) quick transitions. Beats his opponent at their game has advantage in every aspect of the fight.

Ray Borg– Wrestler 5-2 in the UFC. Decent striker very fast combinations (1.51 SS per minute) good grappling (3.16 takedowns per fight) solid uppercut in the clinch. Will need to have his best performance with no errors to have a chance against arguably the best pound for pound fighter in the UFC.