MMA: Breakdown – UFC Fight Night 116 Rockhold vs Branch w/ @JefPo


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Breakdown – UFC Fight Night 116 Rockhold vs Branch

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

UFC Fight Night Pass early prelims

**odds are from oddshark as of 2am pacific time


Jason Saggo (12-3-0) (+105) $7900 vs Gilbert Burns (11-2-0) (-125) $8300

Jason Saggo-MMA fighter/Grappler 3-2 in the UFC. He throws a nice variety of kicks from the outside to keep and gauge distance, however, mixing well between front kicks, teeps, and leg and head kicks.  has a very nice transition submission offense and is adept at using submissions, not only to end fights, but to create openings to advance his grappling and to create better submission opportunities. can be a bit hittable. He tends to hold his head high and his torso static and move in and out on straight lines

Gilbert Burns -BJJ 4-2 in the UFC. a world-class grappler BJJ black belt He possesses impeccable timing when it comes to setups, guard passing, and everything in between. All of this is bolstered by his athleticism. As far as striking goes, he’s getting better. he’s got a very quick release, an overhand left from his southpaw stance, and an active right leg that likes to chop both high and low.


FS1 Prelims


Luke Sanders (11-1-0) (-250) $9000 vs Felipe Arantes (18-7-1 2NC) (+210) $7200

Luke Sanders-MMA fighter 1-1 in the UFC hard-charging, tough, and interstitially well-coached and well-rounded strong, athletic and a master of transitions. Big takedowns, top control and a knack for sneaking in shots as his opponent stands up or breaks the clinch are his specialty.

Felipe Arantes-BJJ/Striker 5-4-1 in the UFC. well-rounded, dangerous and aggressive fighter he utilizes a kick-heavy game on the feet and packs vicious power, while he has a preference for stepping and flying knees in tight. He’s a subpar defensive wrestler but makes up for it with an active guard, preferring triangles and armbars. Once on the ground from top position has a nasty ground and pound.


Krzystof Jotko (19-2-0) (-195) $8900 vs Uriah Hall (13-8-0) (+170) $7300

Krzystof Jotko -Striker 6-2 in the UFC. an effective striker, utilizing an arsenal of rangy kicks along with solid punching combinations backed up by outstanding takedown defense.

Uriah Hall -Striker 5-6 in the UFC is a slick striker with exceptional speed and power throws a potent jab and uses an array of kicks to score and keep his opponent at long range. He then picks his opponent off with sniper-like straight rights and highlight-reel spinning kicks. strong defensive wrestler and isn’t easy to get to the mat. punishing ground striker with serious power in his shots.


Anthony Hamilton (15-7-0) (-190) $8800 vs Daniel Spitz (5-1-0) (+165) $7400

Anthony Hamilton -Striker 3-5 in the UFC. wrestler at heart who is very comfortable on the canvas and is highly effective with his takedowns and is defending 83.3 percent of his opponents attempts. However, Hamilton is also extremely accurate with his stories and has produced eight knockouts in his career. Hamilton has proven to be a balanced fighter,
Daniel Spitz -Striker 0-1 in the UFC. most known for his striking ability despite having three submission victories under his belt. Spitz must do a better job in the clinch where he can use his knees and his overall length to his advantage.


Tony Martin (12-3-0) (+108) $7800 vs Olivier Aubin-Mercier (10-2-0) (-128) $8400

Tony Martin – Striker/Grappler 4-3 in the UFC. very physical and aggressive, which allows him to drag opponents to the ground. ground game is predicated on a heavy top game, using his size to wear down the typically smaller fighter that he’s facing. having the speed and the precision to stand in the center of the cage and counter

Olivier Aubin-Mercier -BJJ/Judo 5-2 in the UFC. Judo black belt brown belt in BJJ Submission expert He is deadly on the ground, with seven submissions out of his eight total victories. defensive fighter reasonably quick jab and one-off strikes tends to try and swarm opponents and overwhelm them, causing them to give up dominant grappling position. has very solid ground and pound


Main Card


Justin Ledet (8-0-0) (-285) $9100 vs Zu Anyanwu (14-4-0) (+309) $7100

Justin Ledet -BJJ/ Striker 2-0 in the UFC scrappy boxing focused fighter who threw quick, slapping hooks, and followed up with powerful knees in the clinch. He has average takedown defense, is good at fighting his way through scrambles and could find a few tricky submissions off his back.

Zu Anyanwu -Striker /Grappler 1-0 in the UFC. Brown belt in BJJ multiple grappling tournaments Cage Fury FC heavyweight championship. uses good distance and footwork to stalk his opponent, picking them apart patiently uses his powerful counters as his accuracy is highly impressive.


Kamaru Usman (10-1-0) (-600) $9200 vs Sergio Moraes (12-3-1) (+450) $7000

Kamaru Usman -Wrestler/Striker 5-0 in the UFC. is a known striker with accuracy and knockout power, but he also has a deep background in wrestling and has produced 20 takedowns in just a few UFC fights. Usman is a polished grappler and comfortable on the canvas despite just one career submission victory.
Sergio Moraes -BJJ 6-1-1 in the UFC. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and is a submission machine who is a threat to put his opponent in a choke at any point during a fight. At 35 years old, Moraes is also one of the more well-conditioned fighters in the division and has lost just one of the five fights that have gone the distance. Moraes is simply deadly whenever he gets the fight where he wants it.


Gregor Gillespie (9-0-0) (-380) $9400 vs Jason Gonzalez (11-3-0) (+315) $6800

Gregor Gillespie -Wrestler 2-0 in the UFC excellent cardio and very good scrambling ability, along with a great willingness to fight through whatever situation he finds himself in. a high paced wrestler and then making you try and keep up with him. And if you can’t he’ll figure out how to land enough strikes for the TKO or get the right position to make you submit.

Jason Gonzalez -Kickboxer/BJJ  1-1 in the UFC. well-rounded powerful kicker throws a lot of flashy spin kicks works at a high pace takedown defense isn’t bad. He sprawls well, cage wrestles well, and strikes with power from the clinch dedicated wrestlers can get him down. On the ground, he’s a very aggressive guard grappler. That’s led to a few submission wins, but it also means he’s willing to get stuck on his back for long stretches


Hector Lombard (34-7-1 2NC) (-109) $8100 vs Anthony Smith (27-12-0) (-111) $8100

Hector Lombard -Striker/Wrestler 3-7-1NC in the UFC judo and kickboxing, and he’s most effective standing up where he can strike and unleash his pure power. However, Lombard is also an effective takedown artist with seven submission victories and is more than comfortable on the canvas, which includes never being submitted himself.

Anthony Smith -BJJ/Striker 5-4 in the UFC. is most known for his standup and one-punch knockout potential, but he also has 11 submission victories and has attempted six takedowns on the UFC level, so his ground game can’t be overlooked. Smith is a balanced fighter who just turned 29 years old and has a knack for finishing his opponent with only two of his 27 career wins coming by decision.


Mike Perry (10-1-0) (-140) $8500 vs Thiago Alves (26-11-0) (+120) $7700

Mike Perry -Striker 3-1 in the UFC. pure striker with heavy hands and a boxing background. Perry wants a fight on his feet and has yet to even attempt a takedown in four UFC fights. It’s no secret what Perry wants to do in the octagon, as he has a 71-inch reach and is always one punch or a combination away from ending things, the way he has in all 10 of his victories. Standing up, few can hang with Perry and his striking game.
Thiago Alves -Striker/BJJ 14-8 in the UFC. is an athletic fighter who has a variety of strikes that include knockout power in his hands and effective leg kicks. Alves is also a highly effective takedown artist when he attempts them, and both of his submissions have come on the UFC level. Alves is an aggressive fighter who simply finds ways to win.


Luke Rockhold (15-3-0) (-450) $9300 vs David Branch (21-3-0) (+350) $6900

Luke Rockhold -Striker/BJJ 5-2 in the UFC. Former MW champion, established himself as one of the more balanced fighters in the division, as he’s an accurate striker who delivers strong kicks and a good ground and pound, but he’s also a polished wrestler who has nine submission victories. Rockhold can beat his opponent at their game and has finished each of his last five victories

David Branch -Muay Thai Striker 3-2 in the UFC. former WSOF champ is a smart fighter who rarely puts himself in a dangerous position and is solid defensively. While he doesn’t have a knockout in three years, Branch does have pop in his strikes and is a proven takedown artist seven submission victories under his belt