Palm Trees & GPPs w/ @PaulieDDDDDDDD – 8.29.17


Today we had a large slate that has shrunk down with 2 ppds. So we now have a 13 game slate and potentially 2 more ppds coming so keep an eye on the rain. I don’t love this slate today so I would cut my exposure down a bit. On Fanduel I think Sale will be chalky and a guy I would use if playing on FD. On Dk I think i would hit the mid tier a bit more today and have some more money for bats since I do not like any of the low cost pitchers.

Palm Trees & GPPs w/ Paulie D

P – Santana, Romano, Arrieta, Weaver

C – Maldonado, Grandal, Ramos

1B – Reynolds, Voit, Gurriel, Chris Davis

2B – Murphy, Wong, Drury, Altuve

3B – Valbuena, Moose, Suarez, Beltre

SS – Dejong, Trea Turner (top play), Andrus, Bogearts,

OF – Grandy, Kole Calhoun, Moss, Khris Davis, Fowler, Schebler, Kiermaier, Yelich


Stacks – Angels, Nationals, Dodgers


As I mentioned I think you should cut down your exposure on this slate. I like some Angels and Nationals the most and I think I would get some exposure to the padres or Sanfran with the humidity and vegas showing increases in the total. I think I would go for a 3x3x2 or 3x2x2x1 lineup construction today.