Palm Trees & GPPs w/ @PaulieDDDDDDDD – 9.1.17


We have a slightly smaller slate then usual on a Friday with 13 games. The return of Kershaw although I do not think he is in play with his inning cap. A very strong mid tier for pitching and super appealing game in Coors. Today, I believe most of the field will have the money to get all the expensive bats and I think we should take a more balanced approach staying away from the popular expensive bats and building solid lineups with upper tier players at each position avoiding paying way up or down at any position. Nailing your pitcher  or pitchers depending where you are playing will be critical on this slate. I think DK is a better option tonight where the real separation will come from picking the best two pitchers.

Palm Trees & GPPs w/ Paulie D


P – Clevinger, Pivetta, Cole, S. Gray, Gausman (if Caleb Joseph is catching)

Pitchers to Pick on: Freeland, Manaea, Lopez, Fister


C – Ianetta, Maxwell, Vogt

1B– Goldy, Reynolds, Lomo, G. Bird

2B – Drury, Miller, Cesar Hernandez, Castro

3B – Headley, Machado, Longoria, Moose

SS– Rosales, Crawford, Lindor

OF- Pollack (Top Play)JD, Cargo, Dickerson, Keiermayer, Gardner, Hicks, Judge, Parker, Moss, N. Cruz, Cain, K Davis, M. Olson, Hoskins


Stacks: Yanks, Zona, Tampa, Oakland


As you all know by now on large slate I do not use the traditional 4×4 stack and prefer a 3x3x2 or 3x2x2x1 approach. On Dk I like to try and include a pitcher with an offense I am stacking. Today that might be Sonny Gray or Nick Pivetta with Yanks or Phillies. Again with no high end pitching options don’t be scared to leave some money on the table and pick the players you want. Dont switch from a guy you want to Trout or Stanton just because you can because the rest of the field will be doing the same.


Good Luck