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The NFL is officially back in our lives and this season should be nothing short of spectacular. Over the Next few weeks I will be releasing Top 10 lists for each position from a season long fantasy league perspective. I will also add DFS commentary wherever applicable. As a general rule, I like to take stands against the general consensus Top 10’s around the industry because the NFL is the most unpredictable sport and rarely do the preseason projections match the final results. If I am bullish on a particular player I have no problem reaching for that guy over the consensus ADP’s to get the guys I want. I plan to update these articles leading up to opening day as there will be injuries, guys holding out, and role changes throughout the preseason that impact the rankings.

Top 10 Quarterbacks

1. Patrick Mahomes – His rookie season performance was only the highest scoring player in the entire NFL. This is the premiere offense of the league until someone dethrones them. My season long hope is to get a pick between 6th and 12th in my drafts with the goal to to grab Kelce/Hill, Mahomes, and a top 10 RB/WR with my first three picks. I really want to have a Chiefs QB + Skill Player stack as my top priority. I think this is a once a generation talent at QB and I will reach for him in my drafts.

2. Desean Watson – If someone does dethrone Mahomes, my money is one Watson. Returning slow from injury last season, he still ended up with 4100 passing and 550 rushing. His team was devastated by injury all season long as well, always playing without a key weapon or two. He has arguably the best receiving trio in all of football and should rack up points this year if they stay healthy. If I can not get a Chiefs Stack in season long, a Texans stack is not a bad back up plan.


3. Matt Ryan – He was quietly the 2nd highest scoring QB last season. They also have their first 9 games on turf this season and play a total of 13 on the carpet. That is a major boost to his projected stats this year. If you skim through their schedule you can envision almost every game with a total over 50 points. I am very bullish on Ryan and this offense and think the departure of Coleman condenses the market share.


4. Lamar Jackson – This is probably the ranking that I will get the most flack for. However, I am think we see Michael Vick like season out of Jackson in his first full season as the starter. He was the QB #7 from the moment he took over as starter and word out of camp is he has improved by leaps and bounds. QB’s that run have the potential for more points then standard QB and Jackson is by far the most electric as a runner and plays for a well coached veteran team.


5. Aaron Rodgers – Aaron Rodgers is the Goat, but he has one of the more questionable supporting casts in probably his entire career. I think he will be solidly consistent, but I could see a slight decline in his statistics. A floor season for A-rod is still top 7 season long QB.


6. Jared Goff – If the whole world is right about Todd Gurley having a down year, then I have to imagine Jared Goff is the main benefactor from that situation. He has the weapons at WR and an offensive genius for a head coach. They were one of the highest scoring offenses last season and I don’t see much reason for that to decline.

7. Andrew Luck – This team was decimated by injury on the offensive end last season. They should have a higher projection this year just on the likely hood of not having as many injuries. I think Reich has the optimal personnel for Luck to thrive with dual receiving tight ends and a burner in TY Hilton. However, I do think Marlon Mack cuts into the overall pass game upside.


8. Russell Wilson – Russ Wilson had a down year rushing the ball, likely due to a foot injury he was not fully recovered from. If we get a healthy Russ this season he should only improve on Passing and Rushing statistics. His history points to a rebound, but If he is your QB1 I would draft a backup QB shortly after to have a two-headed monster type approach incase this team which did the most rushing last season, remains to committed to the run. He may be a guy you want to play in games they are expected to be trailing and consider benching in games they are large favorites.


9. Baker Mayfield – Outside of Mahomes, Baker has the most hype this offseason. The addition of ODB to this offense is huge and can only increase Baker’s production. He has great weapons all over this offense and proved he was capable last year rallying this down trodden franchise. The Browns played in the most close games of any team last year and those types of environments are favorable to DFS scoring.


10. Drew Brees – Drew Brees has not slowed down a bit and finished as the QB 7 in 2018. He also was the QB in the top 7 that missed a game. If he played that last game he easily could have finished in the top 3. We know what this offense can do, behind New England and maybe Pittsburgh they have been the most consistently great offensive team in the last decade. Between Kamara and Thomas alone he should rack up 2500 yards and 15 TD’s. The addition of Jared Cook gives him a weapon at Tight End which he has not has in a few years.


11. Sam Darnold –   I am adding in Darnold in as an 11th because I want to emphasis how high I am on the 2nd year QB. Watching tape on Darnold blew me away. I had no idea he had the arm strength he possesses, and the Jets actually have some weapons on offense at his disposal this season. The Jets defense, especially the secondary are looking pretty weak right now. I can envision a bunch of shoot out type games for the Jets where Darnold is forced to throw for 300+ and multiple TD’s in come from behind game flows. If you miss the top ranked QB’s in your drafts, I am more then comfortable just punting the position with Darnold. However, I think the optimal approach is to draft Darnold as your second QB and then either use your QB1 as trade bait mid season or just run with two QB’s all season and play the better matchup. The Jets second half of the season schedule is very favorable for fantasy scoring.


Honorable Mention

Carson Wentz (He would have been top 10 if he did not get hurt last season)

Cam Newton (I am very bearish on, but his history speaks for itself)

Derek Carr (if AB plays all 16 games he could sneak into top 8)

Mitch Trubisky

Kyler Murray