Pitchers, Hot or Not by @SyraCuseeee – 7/3/17


Welcome to Opening day at WiseTake!!! I’d also like to welcome you to today’s edition of Pitchers, Hot or Not. In this article I will breakdown the pitchers that come into today’s slate hot and which pitchers are not.

Hot Pitchers

Aaron Nola ($8,800-DK/$8,300-FD) – Nola has been great in his last 2 starts averaging (29-DK/52.5-FD) points in those two outings.  Nola’s ERA is a little higher at home but so are his fantasy points.  Expect Nola to continue his hot trend at home tonight against a Pirates team that has just been terrible offensively this year. One other stat to consider is Nola has the lowest hard contact % on today’s slate so they shouldn’t hit him hard.  The one downside is the Pirates don’t strikeout as much but I think Nola still has what it takes to continue his hot trend.

Adam Wainwright ($8,400-DK/$7,700-FD) – Wainwright has looked like the pitcher he was of the past in his 2 recent outings scoring an average of (23-DK/42-FD) points.  When you look at his numbers this year at home it’s tough to not have him as one of the hottest pitchers going today (47 IP, 2.64 ERA, and 38 K’s).

Masahiro Tanaka ($9,900-DK/$9,000-FD) – Tanaka is here for one reason, his K% over the last 4 outings has been amazing.  In those last 4 starts he is averaging 6 innings pitched with 8 K’s which is amazing considering he is facing the Blue Jays tonight that have been struggling. Tanaka’s pitching profile is one that should allow him to continue his hot streak versus the Blue Jays.

Cold Pitchers

Ivan Nova ($8,600-DK/$8,300-FD) – Nova in his past 2 starts hasn’t been terrible but for the price you’re paying on DraftKings and FanDuel he hasn’t been great either.  The best way to describe Nova lately is he has a mediocre floor and a low ceiling.  Tonight, he’ll be on the road and Nova hasn’t pitched well lately on the road, his best score in his last 4 away outings have been (12-DK/25-FD) points.

Jeff Locke ($4,900-DK/$5,900-FD) – Locke has just been flat out terrible this year and anytime I see him pitching it’s easy to target against him with bats.  Locke has had one decent outing all year, in his past 5 starts his best score was (11-DK/20-FD) points.  His splits at home/away are almost identical so I don’t foresee anything changing soon for Mr. Locke.

Rick Porcello ($7,500-DK/$8,400-FD) – This isn’t the Cy Young pitcher we watched pitch last year. When you look at his game longs for the year the only thing you notice is how much he has underperformed.  Porcello’s salary still hasn’t dropped much despite his performance and to roster him going into Texas is just a disaster waiting to happen.