The Pitching Prospectus (Main) w/ @CK_013 – 8.30.17


Previously known as the GPP Pitching Prospectus, this article will now cover pitchers for both cash games and GPPs. I spend a majority of my day researching pitchers so I figured in addition to my thoughts on GPP flyers, why not list the guys I like in cash as well. 

To be clear I typically don’t make my final choices until moments before the games start. This is because I am always checking the WiseTake Pitching model to see what opposing line-up numbers look like. I do however have a short list of pitchers that I am interested in for the day and will be sharing that with you.

The Pitching Prospectus w/ CK013

Slate Notes: Nine game main slate.

Cash Games

Higher Cost Options – 

  1. Jose Quintana – Patio Joe said it best on the podcast last night, if we were comfortable taking Montgomery against these Pirates in Wrigley field, why wouldn’t we like Quintana. Big favorite and the total isn’t bad, on FanDuel he’s pretty cheap too.
  2. Jose Berrios – The White Sox still suck for the most part and Berrios has had somewhat of a break out year. He is a big favorite and has Holland on the other side who isn’t exactly intimidating. Quintana is a more proven and trust worthy name but if you prefer Berrios, I get it.

Cheaper  Options – 

  1. Travis Wood – SP2 cash option on DraftKings if you’re looking to pay down a bit. This is more so a play against the Giants, if your looking for a high ceiling I’m not sure this is your guy. I would only go here if you need the savings tonight.


Higher Cost Options –

  1. Dallas Keuchel – His first few starts back from injury were rough but he has put together a few decent starts in a row and gets a big park upgrade in Tampa. I like this guy in GPPs but he carries risk. Keep in mind he also has a pretty solid ceiling in comparison to the rest of the pitchers on the board.
  2. Robbie Ray – Ray carries plenty of risk here in Chase Field but he also brings a lot of K-upside. I personally won’t be going here and in-fact I have some interest in the Dodgers offense, still the upside is there so if anyone likes him I get your point, I just think he may be a little chalky.

Cheaper Options –

  1. J.A. Happ – Happ has been pitching well and the Red Sox have really sucked especially in Toronto. The K-upside concerns me a bit here but again it’s a price thing. Happ can help free up some salary especially on DraftKings where the pricing is more strict.