The Pitching Prospectus w/ @CK_013 – 8.12.17


Previously known as the GPP Pitching Prospectus, this article will now cover pitchers for both cash games and GPPs. I spend a majority of my day researching pitchers so I figured in addition to my thoughts on GPP flyers, why not list the guys I like in cash as well. 

To be clear I typically don’t make my final choices until moments before the games start. This is because I am always checking the WiseTake Pitching model to see what opposing line-up numbers look like. I do however have a short list of pitchers that I am interested in for the day and will be sharing that with you.

The Pitching Prospectus w/ CK013

Slate Notes: Another slate with questionable pitching match-ups. 

Weather: I really liked Nola but the weather is risky and now we are hearing he may not start.

Cash Games

Higher Cost Options – 

  1. Hyun-Jin Ryu – You know the slate must be bad if this guy is making the cash side of the article but he has pitched well lately. It’s the Padres so like Rich Hill, even if he gives up a few homers he can still do fine. His price on FD is attractive but until recently Ryu was having a very rough year.
  2. Carlos Martinez – C-Mart isn’t having a great year but not necessarily a bad one either. He hasn’t hit his ceiling in quiet sometime and I have concerns here against a Braves team that doesn’t K very often, still his floor seems fine though I do think he is over-priced on both sites in this match-up. He is a very large favorite which is nice for a cash game pitcher but again I worry about the strikeouts.
  3. Jon Lester – Lester hasn’t shown much of a ceiling lately but he has shown a decent floor. I expect to him to get a few K’s as the D-Backs strikeout a bunch to lefties. The park and the offense is scary but again he should be able to get at least some Ks even if he lets up some runs.

Lower Cost  Options – 

  1. Jeff Samardjiza – The Shark can be super sneaky today due to the fact that many don’t even know he’s pitching today!!
  2. Dylan Bundy – Bundy has been pitching very well. He isn’t super cheap but he is coming off of two really good games. We saw Bundy hit a rough patch but he struck out a bunch of Royals and Angels two teams that don’t K a bunch and we know the A’s do so we have to consider him.
  3. Sean Manea – His price is attractive and while the O’s are having a good series, we know they can strikeout with the best of them. Manea would be in-consideration for your SP2 on DK if your looking to save some money. Manea has been awful lately but we know he has upside and the O’s have actually struggled a bit against left-handed pitching this year. Manea is really cheap on DK and he’s more of a salary relief play.


Higher Cost Options –

  1. Aaron Nola – I like this kid on both formats, I know the Mets BVP (though a small sample) is good, but that was a slightly different Mets line-up. The Mets have traded Bruce and Duda and have been striking out a ton ever since. Nola has a high ceiling and shouldn’t have a problem racking up the Ks. If the weather clears he’s a great option but the weather seems pretty risky.

Cheaper Options –

  1. Patrick Corbin – Risky for sure but we know the Cubs can strikeout with the best of them. Corbin should be pretty low-owned too.
  2. Samardjiza – The Shark can be super sneaky today due to the fact that many don’t even know he’s pitching today!!
  3. Mike Fiers – We have seen some solid performances from Fiers this season and the Rangers are still striking out a bunch. Texas is never a safe environment to take pitchers but it can be good for GPPs due to the reduced ownership. This play carries risk but Fiers has shown some nice K-upside and he’s pretty cheap.
  4. Sean Manea – I like him over Bundy in GPPs mostly due to his price being cheaper and him being the slight under-dog. The Orioles have struggled against lefties all year though Tim Beckham is pretty good against lefties.
  5. Dylan Bundy – Still think Bundy is in play he has played well and we like to ride guys that are on a heater. The A’s are a great K match-up and again Bundy has been striking out teams that usually don’t.